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Wild 'n Out Rapper Emmanuel Hudson's Net Worth - Earning Per Episode and House

Published Sun Apr 03 2022 By ervin
Wild 'n Out Rapper Emmanuel Hudson's Net Worth - Earning Per Episode and House

Emmanuel Hudson is worth $500 thousand USD. He is a stand-up comedian and actor from the United States. 

He was nominated for the best comedian award several times. Let's take a closer look at how Hudson was able to make so much money in his career.

Income from Wild 'N Out

Emmanuel is a leading actor on the comedy show "Wild 'N Out" and has appeared in numerous episodes.

He made a lot of money from the Comedy Show. He earns more than $10,000 USD per side. He is one of the show's most popular and best comedians from the show.

Income from YouTube 

Emmanuel Hudson has almost 1.92M subscribers on his official YouTube channel. He earns about $293k from YouTube every 90 days, around $209k each month, and $22k in the last 7 days.

His YouTube channel gets $1.21 for every 1000 views on his videos. He made an estimated $144 last March. 

hudson is wearing cream color tee and black durag.
Hudson's photo from a comedy show while he was there for his performance. Photo Source: Instagram@emanhudson.

Primary Sources of Income

Acting is Hudson's primary source of revenue because it is his professional career.

He appeared in the 2014 film "Ride Along," and the following year in the film "What Love Will Make You Do." He appeared in the 2018 film "Step-Sister," and the following year in the film "Dirty South House Arrest." He hasn't revealed how much he was paid for the role in the film. 

In 2017, he played in a series along with his fellow mate Nick Cannon in the series "Dead House" and also appeared in the series "Mind of EP". He earned around $55,000 USD from the series.

Income from his Music

The comedian has dropped a few songs on his YouTube channel. He has managed to get a good amount of views in his music video. He hasn't revealed how much he was earned from his music video.

Selling Merch 

Emmanuel Hudson has his own official retail store, Quarantine Graduate, where he sells tees, sweatshirts, and a variety of other accessories. He earns a handsome sum of money from his merchandise. 

emanhudson is wearing a red jersey and red cap.
Emmanuel Hudson posing for Instagram. Photo Source: Instagram@emanhudson.

Luxurious life

Hudon has revealed that he has a high-priced pet dog called the French bulldog, which price hasn't been revealed and is a rare breed of a French bulldog.

He has a large collection of expensive shoes that he wears while performing in Wild 'N Out. He owns a number of Jordans and Yeezys.

He owns a Rolex with an ice-out diamond, the price of which has not yet been revealed, and it is a rare Rolex piece. He has a customized diamond chain that costs around $45k and is one of the most expensive chains in his collection, which he displayed on the show Wild 'N Out.

Real Estate

Emmanuel Hudson owns an apartment on a California hillside whose price hasn't been publicly revealed yet. 

He owns a home in Mississippi whose price hasn't been revealed publicly and which he rents out to his parents and siblings.


The actor owns a Jaguar F-type, the cost of which has not yet been revealed, but it appears to be an expensive car from his car collection.

He hasn't revealed any other information about the vehicles he owns.

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