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Emma Watson Breast, Nose and Teeth Implant – Before and After Surgery Pictures

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By DGM
Emma Watson Breast, Nose and Teeth Implant – Before and After Surgery Pictures

There is no denying that the 'Harry Potter' series star, Emma Watson is a true beauty and it wouldn't be wrong to guess that she has gone under the knife. Talking about it, there have been promising rumors regarding her three plastic surgeries.

Emma hasn't stated anything about her plastic surgery and seems to be quite reluctant about it. She likes not speaking about the topic of her surgeries.

Before Plastic Surgery

The gorgeous actress has been able to maintain her flawless body so far. But is it really the outcome of her maintenance efforts or is it plastic? The picture below surely will leave you scratching your head for long.

A picture of Emma Watson in past and at present.
Emma Watson looks so different in the past (left) and at present (right). 

As you can see in the picture above, Watson has changed a lot in comparison to how she was in the past. Her face has drastically changed, thanks to the small nose layout change. Not only, did you take a look at her breasts in both the pictures? They have increased and become bigger and more attractive than it was in the past.

Breasts Implants

As breasts are the body parts that matter a lot to women, everyone would like to have them big and attractive. It has also become a trend in Hollywood these days as most of the women do it. 

In the case of the 33-year-old actress, she has also had her breasts' size increased. You can see the proof in the above picture to clear your doubts.

The breast-increasing procedure has resulted in her with bigger and attention attention-seeking breasts. The breast implants have helped her in gaining a perfect body and we just can't take our eyes off the beauty.

Nose Job

It is not unusual to have a nose job done to look more prettier for someone like Emma Watson who has a net worth of $85 million. Yes, she also had cosmetic surgery done on her nose through which she has acquired a slight change in the layout of her nose. 

A picture of Emma Watson before (left) and after (right).
Emma's nose has changed a lot through a nose job.

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson aka Emma Watson was already beautiful in the past and now with the nose surgery being done, she has become even more beautiful. Her glorious face is something to die for, isn't it?

Teeth Implants

If you have been following the role of Hermione Granger from the first movie of the Harry Potter series, you surely know that her teeth were very different in the past. And how her teeth look now is nowhere close to what it was before.

A picture of Emma Watson before and after.
Emma Watson's teeth layout has changed a lot.

Did you notice that the 'Beauty and The Beast' star's teeth have changed a lot throughout her filming journey to date? Before, they were a bit irregular and misshaped and now they are perfectly matching and absolutely stunning. 

All the credit for the fine improvement goes to the expensive teeth implants she had. It was worth having the surgery for Emma as her smile slays millions of hearts.

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