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What is Emma Sugiyama Doing Now? Trey Parker's Partner | Facts and Photos

Published Fri Mar 17 2023 By sush
What is Emma Sugiyama Doing Now? Trey Parker's Partner | Facts and Photos

Did you know that the co-creator of the American Sitcom, South Park, Trey Parker is not so fond of ginger heads? Well, if you've watched the show, you are probably familiar with that. Moreover, it's also rumored that he married his first wife, Emma Sugiyama to make sure they didn't have a chance of having a redhead kid. 

Emma Sugiyama is an American internet personality who came to recognition as the ex-wife of the American producer and actor, Trey Parker. She and the South Park co-creator, Trey got married in 2006. However, after just two years of marriage, the couple separated their ways. 

Moreover, in the "ginger kid" episode of South Park, Trey joked about marrying an Asian to be relieved of his fear of redheads which indicates his marriage with Emma. If it's true, she must've felt miserable then. However, that's not the case with her now. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Emma is estimated to be over $500,000. She is an internet personality who came to recognition after getting married to Trey Parker. However, there have been no updates regarding her career and profession. 

Emma Sugiyama and her ex-husband, Trey Parker.
Emma Sugiyama and her ex-husband, Trey Parker. (Source: Shaddy Brains)

And not to mention, her ex-husband, Trey is a multimillionaire personality who has an estimated net worth of over $650 million. He is an actor and producer who is also the co-creator of the American Sitcom, South Park.

Early Life And Education

Emma is a Japanese-American personality, who hails from Tokyo, Japan. She was born on October 9, 1970, in Yokohama. Though there's no information about her parents and family background. However, according to sources' claims, her father is an engineer and her mother is a lawyer.

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The sources also claim that Emma grew up loving sports and that she was an active soccer and volleyball player. Though nothing has been revealed regarding her education and schooling, it is known that she moved to the US after she graduated from high school.

Divorced With Trey Parker

As already mentioned, Emma Sugiyama is the ex-wife of South Park animator, Trey Parker. The couple walked down the aisle in 2006 in Hawaii. Moreover, their wedding was officiated by none other than Norman Lear, the creator of All in the family (1971-1979).

According to sources, the couple was in a relationship for a while before deciding to exchange the rings. Though it's not revealed where they met and how their relationship progressed, it is reported that they got engaged in George Clooney's Lake Como Mansion in Laglio, Italy.

Emma Sugiyama and her ex-husband, Trey Parker.
Emma Sugiyama and her ex-husband, Trey Parker. (Source: celebsuburb)

Trey and Emma had done their best to get the privacy needed for them individually and as a couple. So, there had been no reports of the progression of their relationship. And so, their relationship was quite an example in the industry. 

However, the couple soon filed for a divorce in 2008, after just two years of their marriage which pretty much surprised everyone. Moreover, according to the sources, the divorce was finalized only in 2010. As for the reason for their separation, they stated it was "irreconcilable differences."

Did Emma Actually Leave Trey Because He Had An Affair?

According to Vice, Trey had an affair with Boogie Tillmon, a former American stripper, when he was still married to Emma Sugiyama. Though there's no telling if it's the truth, it certainly sums up because he started seeing Boogie not long after his divorce from Emma. 

Trey Parker and his second wife, Boogie Tillmon.
Trey Parker and his second wife, Boogie Tillmon. (Source: Yahoo)

Trey welcomed a daughter named Betty Boogie Parker in 2013. After having a child together, the couple decided to exchange vows and got wed on April 2, 2014. However, they decided to get divorced after five years of marriage in 2019. 

Moreover, Trey Parker and Boogie Tillmon's relationship was quite controversial, the topic didn't raise much attention as you would expect since it's pretty common. However, though small, the talk was still there questioning his actions.

Trey Parker Referenced Emma In "South Park": Married Emma Because She Was An Asian?

Did you know that the "Ginger Kid" episode of Trey Park's "South Park" is actually inspired by his actual life events? Well, if you are a fan of the animator, you might have already known that he kind of referenced his ex-wife, Emma Sugiyama in the episode and he also talked about having done it. He said:

“In fact, I sort of reference myself in this show,” Parker said. “I had just gotten engaged when this show came out. The guy says to one of the kids, ‘The only way you can be sure you’re not going to have a ginger kid is to marry an Asian because then you probably won’t have a ginger kid.’ He’s talking about me because that’s what I did.”

And if you're confused about what Trey means when he said that's what he did, he was dating someone else before Emma. He said that he was having a good relationship and time with his partner. 

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However, things went downhill when Trey met his partner's mother and realized that she was ginger. And we all know that he has a phobia of the ginger head or something of the same sort. So upon meeting her, he already knew that it was eventually going to end which actually did.

“I was dating someone before and having a really great time and it seemed pretty good,” Parker said. “Then I meet her mom and she was ginger. And I knew deep down it was the beginning of the end right there. Okay, how do I get out of this because there’s just no way. We can have fun but there’s no future here because I’m not having a kid that has a 1/10th of a chance of being ginger.”

- Trey Parker

However, he never said if he actually married Emma because she was an Asian. Since he already joked about not having to have the chance of having a ginger kid after marrying Emma, most people wonder if they were actually in deep love. However, it's all gone now since the couple is already separated.

Does Emma Have Kids? 

No, apparently, Emma hasn't welcomed any baby. Even in her marriage with Trey, she and Trey didn't give birth to a baby. Moreover, after her divorce from Trey, it's not known if she ever found herself a romantic partner. 

However, as per mentioned already, her ex-husband, Trey Parker has a kid. He is the father to Betty Parker, who he welcomed in 2013 with his second wife, Boogie Tillmon.

Is Emma Available On Social Media?

Unfortunately, it seems that Emma Sugiyama isn't available on social media. You would have already guessed that she isn't active on social media since she hasn't made any public appearances since her divorce from Trey. Even when she was still with Trey, she was not active on social media platforms. 

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