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Facts About Actress Emma Louise Saunders - The Christmas Prince Actress

Published Thu Aug 08 2019 By Renan
Facts About Actress Emma Louise Saunders - The Christmas Prince Actress

Emma Louise Saunders is an actress who has played in the successful movies like  The Christmas Prince, Deep Skin, and  Artificial White

Saunders was born on August 22, 1988 in New Zealand. 2017 was the year that made a turning point in her life, when her movie The Christmas Prince took her to the height of success. 

What's her Net Worth?

Emma Louise Saunders is a successful actress, who has a net worth of $300,000. The actress earns $50,000 annually as stated in the career dimensions.   

Drives Volkswagen Car

Beside having a huge net worth, she owns a fancy car. She has the Golf GTE model car of Volkswagen brand, which price starts from $49,000. She has been using the car since 2015 as seen on her social sites.

Emma Louise Saunders in her Volkswagen Golf GTE car.
Emma Louise Saunders in her car.
Image Source: Instagram @emma_saunders

Lavish Life

The New Zealand actress enjoys her life luxuriously. She travels to different places and destinations as a part of a tour. We can find her attending different parties and functions with her friends. Besides these, she also does small charity with her group of companions.


The Christmas Prince's actress has a sister, Katie Louise Saunders. She is one of the most important part of Emma's life as she is more like a best friend than a sister to her. 

Most of the time they are found together celebrating events, enjoying holidays and other memorable moments. And even in their social sites, they tag each other mostly in their posts and pictures.

Emma Louise Saunders with her sister Katie Louise Saunders.
Emma Louise Saunders with her sister Katie Louise Saunders.
Image Source: Instagram @emma_saunders

Cynophilist - A Dog Lover

The person who loves dog is called Cynophilist. She is very passionate of dogs. She has a pet dog name Wicket, and even has a particular Instagram account for the dog, @walkswithwicket, where we can find a lot of photo of the pet.

Emma Louise Saunders holding her pet dog.
Emma Louise Saunders holding her pet dog.
Image Source: Instagram @emma_saunders

Loves Guitar

Beside acting as an actress, she also loves to play guitar. We can find her many photos of her either playing a guitar or holding them as a instrumental crush. 

Adventurous - Nature Lover

Saunders is an adventure lover personality. She travels to different interesting places like, jungle safari, swimming in ocean, car rides, hills, lakes, and other places. She likes thrills and new experiences which we can see and know through her posts on the social networking sites. 

Fond of Photography

Holding the camera and travelling different places just for photo shoot signifies the person as a photographer or fond of photography. Same is the case of her, we can find her doing photo shoot and attached with DSLR. 

Most the time she posts her photography of beauties like jungles, ponds and other natural scenario which she clicks on her own.

Emma Louise Saunders with her camera.
Emma Louise Saunders with her camera.
Image Source: Instagram @emma_saunders


The fancy actress is very hard working and dedicated personality. Even though she has acted in numerous TV shows, and movies like The Royals, Lonely People, The mummy and other but she never got success from all these until she came up with the movie, The Christmas Prince, after which she gave back to back successful movies.

Social Sites

The New Zealand born actress is active on very few social networking sites. She can be found on the Pinterest. And she is on Instagram as @emma_saunders, where she keeps updating her daily life.

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