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Emily Ratajkowski's $6 Million Net Worth - Super Earnings as Video Vixen, Actress & Influencer

Published Tue Apr 21 2020 By Lewis Willman
Emily Ratajkowski's $6 Million Net Worth - Super Earnings as Video Vixen, Actress & Influencer

American Model and Actress Emily Ratajkowski holds a whooping net worth of $6 million from her career as an American model and actress. She is best known for her role in Welcome Home as Cassie Ryerson.

Ratajkowski is working in the modelling agency VIVA Model Management and has done campaign for Forever 21, Frederick's of Hollywood, and Nordstrom, no doubt she is a millionaire.

1650 sq ft Home in L.A

On May 15 2018, Ratajkowski along with her producer husband Sebastian Bear-McClard bought a house in Los Angeles, one month after their wedding.

Their LA Eco-park home is a three-bedroom, three-bath, cozy 96's style home for these two old souls. The pair bought the home to spend intimate time with each-other and now they are hooked to living there, as they just love it!

Emily Ratajkowski's LA Eco-park home.
PC: Glamourpath

This building has 1,650 sq ft. space and has a big fireplace, a custom kitchen and a private pool, a hot tub, gas fireplace and perfect parking.

Her Income Source

Ratajkowski is at first a super-model, and then an actress. So far she is credited for seven movies including gone girl. Her recent movie was lying and stealing, released in 2019.

Further, she is also a video model who worked in Maroon5's love somebody, Robin Thicke's iconic song Blurred Lines, and also has appeared on Post Malone's Go Flex! 

Likewise, she also makes a huge income from her world famous swimwear line Inamorata, which is a brand designed by Emily Ratajkowski. She also endorses various brands via her social media posts which concludes her Income sources.

Endorsements Deals

The VIVA model is endorsed by Forever 21, Frederick's of Hollywood, and Nordstrom, DKYN sleepwear, Paco Rabanne's fragrances, she also has appeared on an add for Memphis BBQ burgers. She reportedly charges $25,000 per IG promotion post!

Emily Ratajkowski's On One+ Dash Charger Promotional Video.
PC: YouTube: One+ Official page

Elixir, Aura Botanica, and she is the ambassador of One+ phones as well. So, she receices over a million dollars from these world known brands.

She's Earning As A Model

So, how much do you think should a world-class model earn? Emily Ratajkowski for an instance, earns over $250 thousand per shoot along with 5 to 7 percent purse from the brand sales, which is super huge! Considering her IG posts, ads, movies like Call Of Duty, and Gone Girl, she definitely makes over a million droller per year. 

Emily Ratajkowski Ramp-Walk for a VIVA Event.
PC: Vogue

Only in 2018, she starred in a total of four movies The American Meme, Welcome Home, Cruise, & In Darkness, which further hypes her existence. She is also the brand ambassador of one of the best selling phone One+, which shows she is cashing some fat cheques. Kept aside ramp works, which further adds around $300 to $500 thousand to her disposal. 

So, all in all, Emily Ratajkowski now has her hand filled with protests and she is super busy model, who's making over a million dollars in yearly basis at 28 years of age!

Music Videos

Well, as we said earlier, the Blurred Lines was a catchy song in all regards, but it wouldn't have made the buzz it made without Ratajkowski stripping over it! 

VIVA Model Emily Ratajkowski Featured On Blurred Lines.
PC: YouTube

She also was in Maroon 5's Love Somebody which is one of the best Maroon 5 songs of all time. Imagine being able to ramp on your own songs? That's something right? No, doubt she charged over a million dollar for these two features!

So, that's all on today's take on Emily Ratajkowski, keep up for more. Visit Glamour Path for the latest Celebrity information.