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Emily Lynne Berthold: The Artistic Journey of Kate McKinnon's Sister Revealed

Published Wed Jan 31 2024 By Marie
Emily Lynne Berthold: The Artistic Journey of Kate McKinnon's Sister Revealed

Emily Lynne Berthold is a comedian and the sister of Kate McKinnon. She showcases her comedic talent on her YouTube channel, "sweetlazypriestsday," where she shares videos of her performances. 

Emily Lynne Berthold has made appearances in numerous television shows and films. Let’s learn more about her life.

Emily Lynne Berthold Wiki/Bio 

Born in Sea Cliff, New York State, United States, the actress, writer, and stand-up comedian grew up in the Long Island town of Sea Cliff. Her father, Michael Thomas Berthold, was an architect until he passed away from brain cancer. 

Emily Lynne Berthold is a comedian and also has a YouTube channel.
Source: Instagram

Her mother, Laura Campbell, works as a parent educator. The actress holds American nationality and has German-Scottish ethnicity. Siblings Emily Lynne Berthold and Kate McKinnon share a five-year age gap, with Kate being the older sister.

Emily Lynne Berthold’s Net Worth

The exact net worth of Kate McKinnon's sister remains undisclosed to the public. In contrast, Kate McKinnon, renowned for her contributions to the sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" (SNL), is estimated to have a net worth of around 9 million dollars. McKinnon initiated her career in improv and sketch comedy in New York City. 

Emily Lynne Berthold and her sister when they were young.
Source: Instagram

In 2012, she became a part of the SNL cast and swiftly gained recognition for her adept impressions of notable personalities like Hillary Clinton, Kellyanne Conway, and Ellen DeGeneres. Beyond her SNL success, she has graced the big screen with roles in films such as "Ghostbusters" (2016) and "Rough Night" (2017). Her outstanding contributions to SNL have earned her multiple Emmy Awards.

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Emily Lynne Berthold’s Career

The actress and writer embarked on her career in 2015, showcasing her talent in various television shows and films. Her creative contributions extend to creating 11 episodes for two shows. Notable among her acting credits is her involvement in the 2020 podcast series "Heads Will Roll," where she lent her voice to multiple characters, including Sheryl Crow, Little Bird, and Janelle

Additionally, she holds two writer credits, having created ten episodes of "Heads Will Roll," where she also served as a voice actress. In 2015, she created the episode titled "Notary Publix" for the series "Above Average Presents." Beyond her roles in acting and writing, she is also recognized as a stand-up comedian.

Emily Lynne Berthold Relationships 

Emily, as per her Instagram, is romantically involved with Matt Leary. In a February 2022 photo, she shared a joyful moment sitting on his lap, teasing that "something big happened last night." Their relationship continued to flourish, with Emily playfully joking about their connection and expressing love for each other in June. 

Emily Lynne Berthold with her boyfriend Matt.
Source: Instagram

Matt Leary, a professional artist, and co-owner of Jameson Films, is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn. He's known for his expertise in creative visual production and has a passion for retro gaming.

Emily Lynne Berthold’s Sister, Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon Berthold, born on January 6, 1984, is an accomplished American actress, comedian, impressionist, and writer. She gained widespread recognition as a cast member on NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL) from 2012 to 2022, earning acclaim for her character work and celebrity impressions. McKinnon has been nominated for ten Primetime Emmy Awards, winning in 2016 and 2017.

Beyond SNL, she starred in The Big Gay Sketch Show, voiced characters in animated series like Nature Cat and The Magic School Bus Rides Again, and portrayed Carole Baskin in Joe vs. Carole (2022). Her filmography includes roles in Sisters (2015), Ghostbusters (2016), Rough Night (2017), and The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018).

Emily Lynne Berthold and her sister Kate McKinnon.
Source: Instagram

Born and raised in Sea Cliff, New York, to Laura Campbell and the late Michael Thomas Berthold, McKinnon graduated from Columbia University in 2006. She excelled in various comedic roles, including her notable Hillary Clinton impression leading up to the 2016 presidential election. McKinnon's versatility is evident in her extensive voice-acting career and her ability to impersonate political figures and celebrities. Her significant contribution to SNL makes her the show's longest-tenured female cast member as of season 46.

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Kate McKinnon Waited Years to Come Out

During an interview with Columbia College, where Kate McKinnon graduated in 2006, she disclosed that she recognized her sexual orientation as gay during her freshman year of high school. Despite this realization, she kept it private, as no one else at her school was openly gay at the time. At the age of 15, Kate confided in her parents about her sexual orientation

Yet she waited three years before sharing the news with her sister and her school peers. Kate explained that she wanted to shield her sister from potential harassment, and, fortunately, Emily was fully supportive of Kate's identity. Kate expressed that Emily not only accepted her sexuality but also embraced it as her cause, despite not identifying as gay herself.

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