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Emilio Estevez Net Worth and House in Malibu

Published Tue Sep 17 2019 By aisha
Emilio Estevez Net Worth and House in Malibu

Emilio Estevez is an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter with an amazing net worth of $15 million. The the multi-talented actor has accumulated this net worth through his varied careers in acting, and doubled his net worth through directing, and writing.

Some of his famous work from which he is well-recognized are The Breakfast Club, The Outsiders, The Mighty Ducks, and others.

Does Emilio earn more than Charlie?

Emilio and Charlie
Emilio and Charlie 
Image Source: Pop Culture

Carlos Irwin Estévez aka known as Charlie Sheen is the younger brother of Emilio who is also an actor who is best known for his roles in Platoon, Young Guns, Wall Street. Throughout Charlie's career, he holds an amazing net worth of $10 million from his acting profession.  

It is clear that Emilio earns more than Charlie and from his other siblings. Emilio has many earning sectors that Charlie so it's obvious that Emilio earning is more.

Million Dollar House in Malibu

Emilio Estevez's house
Emilio Estevez's house
Image Source: malibutimes

Emilio owns a million-dollar house in Malibu. Originally the house was $10 million worth with 3,700-square-foot which includes 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms also a wine tasting room detached with a guesthouse. The interior of house was of 'Old World' combination featured with stone and hardwood floors, vaulted ceiling, hand-stenciled doorways, and distressed doors.  

The outer decoration of the house is of brick terrace which is wrapped around on three sides of the house and a huge sports fire pit. There is a swimming pool, spa, organic Victory gardening, a fruit tree orchard and grapevines on the arch.

Emilio lives in Malibu whereas Charlie Sheen who is his younger brother has shot his series Two and a half men in Malibu Colony near Malibu Lagoon which was own by Charlie Harper in the show near Malibu Beach House which was a film set at Warner Brothers Studios. 

Earning from Movies 

Actor-Director Emilio has earned a fortune from his acting career as the highest-grossing movies are Stakeout which collected $65 million, The Breakfast Club which collected $51.5 million, The Mighty Ducks collected $50.7 million and others. 

As a main leading character on 17 movies, his Worldwide Box Office collection was $399,148,140 and from directing 6 movies he collected$12,570,665. Not only from acting and directing Emilio amass $12,570,665 from producing 2 movies and from Screenwriting.

Millionaire Family 

Emilio was born in a millionaire's family as he is the son of the legend Martin Sheen and Janet Sheen. So it wasn't that hard from him to amass that huge net worth.    

Martin Sheen who is an award-winning actor in both acting and television work holds a total net worth of $60 million throughout his career. Martin's wife Janet, who is also an actor has a total net worth of $18 million. 

Martin has 4 children who are all millionaires. The oldest son is Emilio and Ramon Estevez who has $1 million net worth is younger than Emilio. Charlie Sheen who is the youngest son of the Sheen family is worth $10 million. Renée Estevez is the youngest child and daughter and has a total of $3 million net worth.        

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