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Ellen Page’s $14 Million Net Worth - All Her Successful Endeavors and Income Sources

Published Fri May 01 2020 By Aashika
Ellen Page’s $14 Million Net Worth - All Her Successful Endeavors and Income Sources

Ellen Page is a well-known actress for her role in Jason Reitman's debut film Juno, which she won Independent Sprite Award for  Best Female Lead. She has a whopping net worth of $14 million. She makes her money from her career as an actress, producer, and director.

Below are the major source of Page's Income that we know:

Lavish House 

Ellen Page owns Venus William's Hills Home which was cost $1.7 million. The single-story, 1,528 square-foot residence which was built in 1995 and contains three bedrooms and two bedrooms. 

Ellen Page Hills Home interior.

Expensive Car Collection

The Umbrella Academy actress has been collecting luxurious cars. She has Audi A3, Honda CRV, and Audi Q3. Her Audi A3 cars cost $43,000, and Audi Q3 costs $42,900.

Page's Audi Q3 car.

Role in The Umbrella Academy

Ellen Page has played the role of Vanya Hargreeves or Number Seven in the Netflix series. In this series, she shows no real abilities and instead becomes an assistant to Sir Reginald in training the others and became jealous of them. She plays the violin and makes a career of it outside of The Umbrella Academy. Her powers were unknown to others which can destroy them.

The Umbrella Academy casts members.


Earning From Movies 

Page has appeared in 12 movies and all was blockbuster. She has played movies like Juno, Tallulah, Flatliners, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Touchy Feely, and The East

Aside from this, her most successful movie was Inception in the role of Ariadne, which earn more than $829 million in the worldwide box office. Though her all movies were blockbuster, which makes a handsome sum of money. 

Ellen Page's role as a pregnant girl in the movie Juno.
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Producer of Three Movies

The talented actress is also a producer who has produce movies like The Cured, My Days of Mercy, Freeheld, and Into The Forest

According to Payscale report, the average salary for a producer in TV and films is $66,121. However, the typical Hollywood film producer earns $750 thousand to $1 million per movie.

Ellen is a producer and actor in My Days of Mercy.
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Television Series Earnings

The beautiful and talented actress has appeared in numerous TV series. Her role as a led role in Netflix series: The Umbrella Academy, Tales of the City, Pit Pony, ReGenesis Trailer Park Boys, ReGeneis, Trailer Park Boys, Gaycation with Ellen Page, and Lan Daniel, and To Rome With Love: Extras

These series has earned a massive amount of money that helps to increase the net worth of Page.

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