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Elle Bielfeldt - Meyers Leonard's Wife

Published Sun May 22 2022 By chanel
Elle Bielfeldt - Meyers Leonard's Wife

Elle Bielfeldt is a successful entrepreneur and blogger most known for being the wife of NBA player Meyers Leonard, who previously played for the Portland Trailblazers at the University of Illinois before being drafted by Portland.

After sharing a video of herself and her husband playing basketball, the lady became famous.


Elle graduated from Peoria Notre Dame High School and enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign after graduation. The Illinoisan earned a 3.73 GPA while earning a bachelor's degree in advertising in 2014.

Elle Bielfeldt all set to play. (Elle's Instagram)

Her siblings Matti and Max were both basketball players, with Matti representing the same university as her, and Max representing the University of Michigan.


Elle Bielfeldt was born in Peoria, Illinois, on January 15, 1992, to Julie Bielfedt and Max Bielfedt.

Lydia Bielfeldt, Matti Bielfeldt, and Max Bielfeldt are her three younger siblings. Her grandparents, uncles, and even aunts are all graduates of the institutions she attended.


Elle began her basketball career by attending a training camp and was a member of local high school and collegiate basketball teams. Despite the fact that she did not pursue a basketball career, she continues to play the sport, both alone and with her spouse.

The independent woman put her advertising degree to good use by starting her own business. They co-founded Level Foods, a firm that makes and distributes nutrition bars for athletes. She and her partner are also co-founders and business managers of the Meyers Leonard brand which is a clothing and lifestyle company.


Pregnant Elle Bielfeldt and husband Meyers Leonard. (Elle's Instagram)

Mike Davis, Elle's best friend's boyfriend, introduced her to Meyers. Meyers and Mike were teammates on the same squad. Elle was 19 years old when she became Meyers Leonard's girlfriend.

This pair has been together since 2011, and their relationship dates back to that year. They married in 2015 after several years of dating and a passionate proposal. Their love, according to Bielfeldt, is still as strong as it was when they first started dating. Currently, the couple is waiting for their 1st child.

Net Worth

Elle Bielfeldt Leonard is the creator of Level Foods and has a net worth of over $1 million. Her spouse, on the other hand, is said to be worth roughly $10 million.

They live a luxury lifestyle and are frequently spotted vacationing in very expensive locations. The Leonards live in a $7.3 million Miami Beach house that they rented from Hassan Whiteside, another NBA star.


Gorgeous Elle Bielfeldt (Elle's Instagram)

Bielfeldt, Elle Leonard stands at a height of 5'10". Meyers, on the other hand, is 7 feet and one inch tall.

Her chest, waist, and hip measurements are 32-23-33, and she weighs roughly 52kg.

Social Media

This businesswoman is active on social media, where she discusses health and diet. Elle Bielfeldt has over 88.6k followers on Instagram, where she publishes photos from her and her husband's lives.

"Elleleonard blog" is her other website. Bielfeldt also has a YouTube channel with over 3.64k subscribers under her name. Her Twitter account, meanwhile, has over 17.9k followers.

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