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Get to Know Ella Rose Gaines - Joanna Gaines & Husband Chip Gaines' Adorable Star-Kid

Published Tue Feb 18 2020 By Samana
Get to Know Ella Rose Gaines -  Joanna Gaines & Husband Chip Gaines' Adorable Star-Kid

Ella Rose Gaines is the celebrity baby born to the famous Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip Gaines. Ella Rose was blessed to the couple on October 20, 2006.

The name "Ella" might be a short form of names like "Elena or Eleanor" and the name means "Light". The name "Rose" on the other hand, is a Latin name and in the language means "Rose- the flower".

Parents Net Worth

Ella's parents both work in the same field and together in a same business so both of their net worth are combined. The two's combined net worth can be calculated up to be $18 million. 

They accumulated their riches from their business and television show series which is called the "Upper Fix".

Parents Relationship

For Ella's parents, their relationship can be described as love at first sight. Joanna's father had a mechanic's shop and Chip was his customer.

He saw a picture of Joanna hanging on the wall and instantly was attracted to her. It took Chip many visits to the store to meet Joanna. When they met, Joanna also exchanged the same feelings as him. 

They started dating in 2001, and so far, they live a happy life with no rumors or gossip about infidelity or divorce. 

Ella's romantic parents, Chip and Joanna.
Ella's romantic parents, Chip and Joanna.
Image Source: Instagram/joannagaines


Ella has four siblings: Drake Gaines, Duke Gaines, Emmie Kay Gaines and Crew Gaines. Drake is Emma's eldest sibling and he was born on the year 2005. Ella is the second child and all the three are born after her. Her younger sibling is Duke and he was born on 2007. 

After Duke, Emmie Kay was born in the year 2009 and after everyone, Crew Gaines was born on 2018, making him the youngest part of the Gaines family. 

Named A Paint After Her

Being the owners of Magnolia Homes, Ella's parents have been successful at whatever they do and therefore has also their own paint line. 

One of their prettiest pink colors is name "Ella Rose" and we hope you can guess why. If you can not, then well, they love her a lot and this particular shade of pink is actually her mother's favorite.

Joanna has also mentioned that this color is a beauty just like her daughter and grandmother and are equally graceful and gracious as the hue of the pink. 

Shares Her Middle name With Mother's Grandmother

Ella's mama, Joanna has always been a huge admirer of her grandma (Ella's great grand mother). They were really close and her death had really affected her in a bad way. 

However, when Ella was born, she decided to honor her grandma and gave her the middle name "Rose" which is also her grandmother's middle name. 

An Adventurer 

In an Instagram post posted by her mother, Ella is seen on a boat enjoying the serenity of the beautiful lake. Her mama has also captioned the picture calling her a little adventurer as she really enjoys outdoors and experincing many activities like boating. 

Ella in a beautiful picture captured by her momma.
Ella in a beautiful picture captured by her momma.
Image Source: Instagram/joannagaines

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