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Facts About Elise Ecklund - American YouTuber Who Plays Ukelele

Published Tue Oct 15 2019 By Akki
Facts About Elise Ecklund - American YouTuber Who Plays Ukelele

Elise Ecklund is an American YouTube star, who posts vlogs, beauty tutorial cover and music videos playing the Ukulele. She is also an Amazon associate, who earns from the qualifying purchases. 

She was born on Tuesday, 18th of February 1997, in Wichita, Kansas. Her sun sign is Aquarius through her birth date and belongs to white ethnicity/races.

Here are 10 facts about Elise Ecklund;

What's her Net Worth? 

Elise Ecklund has an impressive net worth of $600,000, which she made through her professional career as a YouTuber and Social Media Influencer. Her YouTube Channel has over 1.38 million subscribers with 107.8 million views till date. Her fortune also includes income from marketing associate at Amazon.

Elise Ecklund pose for a picture with her ukulele.
Elise Ecklund taking a  photo with her ukulele.
Image Source: Insta@eliseecklund

According to the Social Blade, Ecklund earning ratio range from $12.8K to $205.2K per year as a YouTuber.

House in Oklahoma

Ecklund lives in a lavish house located at Bartlesville, Oklahoma with her older sister Eden. 

According to the Trulia real estate agents, the Bartlesville, OK home with 2 bedrooms and bathroom costs around $435 per month for rent. 


Elise Ecklund has dated only one guy with whom she had the first kiss of her life. The duo went to a beautiful park located at Tusla, Oklahoma for their first date. 

Currently, she is living a single life, waiting for a prince of her dream. According to her social sites, she prefers sportsmen for the date, which is very great knew for her crush.

Five Siblings 

Elise has five siblings; three sisters and two brothers. Eden Ecklund is an elder sister of Elise, who shares an apartment with her. 

Like her sister, Eden also loves to make video and uploads on her self-titled YouTube Channel. Her channel has over 50.5k+ subscribers and 2 million views till present. 

Elise and Eden Ecklund in Melbourne, Australia.
Elise and Eden Ecklund taking picture together in Brighton Beach Huts.
Image Source: Intsa@eliseecklund

Education - Alma Mater

Ecklund holds a Degree in Marketing, where she completed her studies from John Brown University.

Body Measurement 

The 22 years old Youtuber, Elise Esklund is a charming princess with a cute smile. She stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.70 m) in tall with slim body build. Her eyes are brown in color and have brown hair, which she loves to color most of the time.


In the 21st century, every single people has their own right and freedom to live the life of their own will and decision without being pressurized by family or community. 

Elise is no-win hypocrisy Christian abstinence and proud of it. She believes in the message of the god and planning to wait until marriage.

Fond of Capri Sun drink 

Capri Sun is a concentrate juice brand run by 'Wild', a food company.  Ecklund is fond of Capri Sun and mostly found chilling drink juice.

Elise Ecklund taking a picture drinking Capri Sun.
Elise Ecklund pose for a photo with Capri Sun drink.
Image Source: Insta@eliseecklund

Dog Lover 

The cuteness and loyalty of the dog have won the heart of people across the world. Ecklund is an avid dog lover and owns an adorable golden retriever "sunny shine". The pet loves to give kisses and take a nap on her lap when she's around. The bond between the two has given the name of the family.

Signature Ukulele 

There is exciting news for the Elise Ecklund fans, who have been looking for a stylist ukulele like her. She has a partner with the flight music ukuleles and launched her signature sunset travel uku. 

The instrument is available online on, where it cost around € 65,00 for a set of Ukulele.

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