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Meet Elijah Stevenson - Facts and Photos of "Everything Sucks" Star

Published Thu Mar 11 2021 By riya
Meet Elijah Stevenson - Facts and Photos of "Everything Sucks" Star

Elijah Stevenson, aka Eli, is an American actor by profession. His recent Netflix movie "Everything Sucks" in 2018 made him a popular actor worldwide. 

Elijah was born on the 12th of September, 1998, in the United States of America. He is a rising star in Hollywood. The youthful actor has excellent potential for acting and is sure to win many awards in the entertainment field.

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Stevenson is 20 years old fresh youth. The newcomer in Hollywood has set a good remark on everyone despite getting involved in this field in his teens. 

The names of Elijah's parents aren't public. Also, any data about him having siblings has not been disclosed yet. 

It is only known that he is a graduated student, but his educational institutions' name isn't shared.


The young actor did his debut big-screen movie in Captain Fantastic in 2016. He did many theatre shows before this. The second blockbuster movie of his is "Tall Man" in which he was characterized as Terrence Mackleby. 

Stevenson on Captain Fantastic
Stevenson on Captain Fantastic

ImageSource: Superstar Bio

Followed by Captain Fantastic, he did two short movies, "Trout" and "Missing." 

The Captain Fantastic actor had performed in theatre roles in  Anderlin Arts Theater Productions. 

The short movies, series, and theatre roles he did include; Dani's Bucket List, Second Nature, and many more.

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Stevenson's recent movie is 'Cam', a mystery horror movie released in 2018. Other movies "We Take The First Road", "Woodstock or Bust" and  "Sink" are on their way to get screened. 

He is an active and well-doing actor and has a very bright future in this field. He did a great job of following his passion. 

Net Worth

The actor and TikTok star has an estimated net worth of over $1 million. He is still in his acting career, so his earning might get doubled this year, hopefully. 

Elijah might buy a house and a car for himself shortly.

Eli captured during a scene of Everything Sucks
Eli captured during a scene of Everything Sucks

Image Source: Pinterest

Everything Sucks's actor favors showing off the love he earned more than riches. The public loves him and supports him a lot. 

Apart from his riches and followers, he will win many awards for his superb acting and hard work very soon. 

Is he ready to mingle?

Elijah is has been single for 22 years of his age. He has not disclosed any of his past or present relationships.

The rising star doesn't have any kids yet.

Elijah on social media:


TikTok: It is a piece of good news for Elijah's fans who use TikTok.

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