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Elaine Callei Trebek - All About Former Playboy Bunny in Pictures Too

Published Sun Jul 18 2021 By Aashika
Elaine Callei Trebek - All About Former Playboy Bunny in Pictures Too

Elaine Callei Trebek is a television host and well-established entrepreneur. She is known for broadcasting the program "Call Callei" in the 1970s. She worked for almost a decade in the television industry. 

She was born in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America. Trebek completed her education at Ohio State University, where she obtained a degree in Journalism. People are curious more about her, here is some information which may help you about her. 

Net Worth 

Elaine Callei Trebek has an impressive amount of net worth which is $15 million. She managed to amass as a businesswoman. Her career began from the "CHCH-TV" in Hamilton as the host of a daily talk show "Call Callei". Through the show, she gained immense fame and wealth. 

Then, Elaine changed her profession into business. She established the ventures "Scent Seal Inc.", which is a high-tech cosmetic sampling company, and "ASG Media Inc." 

Moreover, Trebek's ex-wife is the owner of a multimedia music distribution studio "Mag-a-Music". Currently, runs "Gallery GO" which is located in the prime spot La Cienega Design Quarter below Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.   

Elaine Callei Trebek's art gallery, "Gallery GO" in West Hollywood.
Image Source: Widewalls

Current Husband 

On 18th March 2001, the former host Elaine Callei Trebek exchanged the vows with Peter Kares. He is a film producer of "Longshot", "The Night They Robbed Big Bertha's", and "The Switch or How to Alter Your Ego". 

The couple is happy with each other which has been now almost two decades. Form their marriage, the two didn't share any children. 

A picture of Elaine Callei Trebek with her husband, Peter Kares.
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Past Marriages

Before tying knots with Peter Kares, Elaine Callei Trebek was married twice. Her first husband is Louis Callei whose identity is under the curtain. The couple welcomed a daughter but also their married life couldn't go so far. In 1974, they filed for divorce and parted ways. 

Then, she met the television shows host, George Alexandra Trebek aka "Alex". Their first encounter happened at CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). 

As working for the same company, they came closer and started having relationships. In 1974, the couple walked into the aisle and had eight years of married life. Like the first one, this marriage also didn't work and split in 1981. The former pair remained friends after their separation. 

Elaine Callei Trebek with her second spouse, Alex Trebek.
Image Source: Pinterest

Mama of One 

The businesswoman is the proud mother of Nicky Trebek with her former partner. When her daughter was six years, Elaine married Alex Trabek. And gave her, his last name and also adopted her as his own daughter. 

Her Daughter Nicky is the television host and singer whose song is "Every Beat of Your Heart". She has worked with many musicians like JT Thomas, Leland Sklar, Tim Pierce, and so on. Moreover, Trabek's daughter has done modeling for "Vogue", "Glamour", "Allure magazines", and so on.  

Daughter, Nicky Trebek with her father Alex Trebek. 
Image Source: Daily Mail 

Social Activist

In an interview taken by Dustin Stiles posted on a Youtube channel. We came to know that Elaine Callei Trebek is an animal lover and has shown concern for animals who have been hurt and have no homes. She has also mentioned that she helped run a feline adoption event after taking over 40 cats.  

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