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About Eduardo Tamayo - Tulsi Gabbard's Ex-Husband and Businessman

Published Tue Jul 14 2020 By Aashika
About Eduardo Tamayo - Tulsi Gabbard's Ex-Husband and Businessman

Eduardo Tamayo is a well-known American Businessman who got immense fame as the ex-husband of Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic Leader, and Military Veteran.

He was born in 1981 in Hawaii. His parents had immigrated to the US from the Philippines, where his uncle Toby Tamayo owns a yoga studio. Fewer people know that he is the grandson of Gen Antonio Tamayo, who was a World War II veteran.

Take a look at some facts about Tamayo.

Net Worth: $1 million

Eduardo Tamayo has an estimated net worth of $1 million which he made his worth from his business career as he has done a degree in Business management. 

Likewise, his former wife has an approximated net worth $3.5 million that she earned through politics. She is also known as the Hawaii Army National Guard veteran.

Education & Alma Maters

The ex-husband of Gabbard has completed his schooling in Local High School. Later, he went to university where he got a degree in Business Management.

Conjugal Life with Childhood Sweetheart 

Eduardo Tamayo and Tulsi Gabbard got married in 2002 and both were just 21 years old. The pair were in love since their childhood. The couple’s wedding ceremony was simple and private and also at the same year, Gabbard was elected to Hawaii’s House of Representatives. 

Both were happy but sadly, they couldn’t take a relationship so far and separated their path.

Ex-wife Tulsi Gabbard.

The reason behind Their Married Life Split

Their wedded life parted when Gabbard was deployed to Iraq for 18 months with Hawaii Army National Guard. When she returned, it became hard to handle marriage which led her to take a decision of divorce which was finalized in 2006. Tulsi gives her explanation for the failure of the wedding on her statement: 

The deployment was very hard on my husband and on our marriage. Sadly, Eddie and I became another statistics, another sad story, illustrating the stresses war places on military spouses and families.

Relationship after Divorce

Tamayo and Gabbard moved on with their life. His former wife, Tulsi exchanged her vows with Abraham Williams in 2015. Her husband is a freelance cinematographer and editor. They had a Vedic wedding ceremony, traditional to their Hindu faith. Whereas, Eduardo is living his life away from media/paparazzi and is single in love status.

Tulsi Gabbard wedded Abraham Williams in Hindu tradition.
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