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Meet Eddie De La Garza – Demi Lovato’s Step Father

Published Sat Aug 24 2019 By Samana
Meet Eddie De La Garza – Demi Lovato’s Step Father

Edward De La Garza, popularly known as Eddie De La Garza was born on 15th February, 1961. He is Dianna Hart's second husband and her daughters' father. 

Eddie has two step daughters: Demi Lovato and Dallas Lovato and one biological daughter: Madison De La Garza. 

Here are some facts on the loving husband and father, Eddie De La Garza. 

What's his Net Worth?

Eddie De La Garza has the net worth of $2 million through his career as a dealership manager. He is a successful Mexican-American Ford dealership manager. 

Any dealership manager earns about $60,560 annually and so Eddie also earns the same or on the same range. 

Eddie also has three successful daughters who are already excelling and living their dreams. 

Married to Dianna Hart

Eddie De La Garza and Dianna Hart are happily married and are very supportive but Hart's previous relationship was a  wreckage.

Eddie's wife, Dianna was previously married to late Patrick Lovato, who is also the father of her two daughters. Their relationship was very toxic and abusive. 

Dianna with kids Dallas and Demi had something missing in their lives and it was a supportive and trustworthy husband for Dianna and a good father figure for Dallas and Demi. 

Finally when Dianna and Patrick divorced, Eddie came in their lives.

Eddie with his wife and two step daughters on his wedding day.
Eddie with his wife and two step daughters on his wedding day.
Image Source: Twitter

Garza lit up all three girls' world and showed them exactly what and how they were supposed to be treated by a man and a father. Eddie was very close to Dallas and Demi and it was easier for them to accept him as their father when Dianna tied the knot with him on August 5, 1995. 

After the marriage, Dianna got a support system and their two daughters got a loving and non abusive father in their lives. 

Has One Daughter and Two Step Daughters

After Eddie married Dianna Hart, he got to be the step father of Dianna's two beautiful daughters: Dallas Lovato and Demi Lovato. They are Dianna's daughters with her ex husband Patrick Lovato. 

Dallas is the oldest and was born on 4th February, 1988. Demi is the second born daughter and she was born on 20th August 1992. 

Eddie with his biological daughter Madison De La Garza.
Eddie with his biological daughter Madison De La Garza. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Eddie and Dianna also has one biological daughter and her name is Madison De La Garza. Madison was born to him and Dianna on 28th December 2001. Madison and her two half sisters have a huge age gap but the three are really close. 

Sweet Father's Day Message From Demi Lovato

On the special day of Father's Day, Eddie got his own special dosage of sweet messages and wishes from his daughters. 

Eddie's step daughter, Demi Lovato also had so many wonderful things to say about him. She posted a picture of her and Eddie smiling wide and cute and wrote a very long and cute caption dedicated to her step father. 

The message was very loud and clear and Demi's fans on the comments are also very grateful for being a good dad to her and being there for her always. 

Eddie De La Garza is close to all of his children and have been a really good father to them after he came into their lives. 

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