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Alfre Woodard’s Son Duncan Spencer With Husband Roderick Spencer

Published Mon Oct 07 2019 By DGM
Alfre Woodard’s Son Duncan Spencer With Husband Roderick Spencer

Duncan Spencer is the second child and son of the famous American actress, the 'Luke Cage' star Alfre Woodard with her husband, writer Roderick Spencer. He was born on November 12, 1993, in California, United States.

The name 'Duncan' is a boy's name derived from Scottish origin and means 'dark warrior.' Here are some facts about him:

Wealthy Parents

Duncan's parents are very rich as they come from the film industry which usually is a high-earning profession. His mother, Alfre holds an amazing net worth of $13 million from her successful career as an actress, political activist, and producer. Roderick, his father, also has a huge fortune of $4 million from his fruitful career as a writer. It is now pretty obvious how his lavish life is possible.

Relationship of Parents

Duncan Spencer's parents Woodard and Spencer have been married for nearly four decades since they tied the knot on the 21st of October, 1983. Since then, they have been living a very lovely family life with their two children. Their relationship hasn't flickered yet though it has been 36 years of their marriage.

A picture of Duncan's parents Alfre Woodard and Roderick Spencer.
Duncan's parents Alfre Woodard and Roderick Spencer.
Image Source: Interesticle

Duncan's parents are inter-caste as Alfre is an African-American and Roderick is a white American. But that hasn't let any problems arise in their marital life. It is because they think that loving each other is more important in love than considering what color or race you are from.

Elder Sister - Mavis Spencer

Duncan Spencer has an elder sister Mavis Spencer who is just three years older than him. Mavis is a horse rider or jockey by profession and is often seen spending time with her horses. She is also seen enjoying her leisure with him and their parents.

Was Adopted

It might be a bit shocking but Duncan Spencer was adopted by her parents and isn't their biological child. Her parents do not have any biological child which clearly means that his sister, Mavis was also adopted by the 'Captain America: Civil War' star and her husband. He was adopted on November 12, 1993, by her eminent parents.

Has an Instagram Account

Like his elder sister, Duncan also has an Instagram account which goes by the name @dreadfulduncan. He has gained  537 followers and has posted 60 posts on his account to date.

Is an Avid Golf Geek

Did you know that Alfre's son is an avid golf lover and is very often seen roaming around the golf courses carrying his golf stick. He usually uploads pictures of him with his friends and family playing golf. And by seeing the pictures, we surely can say that he is so mad about the game and pretty good at it too.

A picture of Duncan Spencer playing golf.
Duncan Spencer playing golf.
Image Source: Instagram@dreadfulduncan

Loves Travelling & Adventures

Duncan Spencer is also a travel freak and loves traveling a lot. And why wouldn't he? If your parents are rich then you probably would want to travel to all the wonderful places that exist in this world. Similarly, he very often explores oceans in yachts or has fun with his friends in snowy mountains. He is getting the full use of his parents' huge worth.

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