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Don Cheadle's $35 Million Net Worth - From Mansion to Expensive Cars and Charity

Published Fri May 01 2020 By Lewis Willman
Don Cheadle's $35 Million Net Worth - From Mansion to Expensive Cars and Charity

Producer, author, voice actor, film director, and screenwriter Don Cheadle has an estimated net worth of $35 million earned from his works as an actor, film producer-director, & screenwriter.

He is best known for his acting roles in Crash, Hotel Rwanda, Rain over me, Iron Man, and in the multi starer hit Ocean movie franchise.

So far, from his numerous movies, he hasn't only earned only fame, but the actor reportedly claims a higher-order 7 figure for his acting credentials. Likewise, He also appeared in Kendrick Lamar's song DNA.

Mansion in Oxford Triangle Venice California

The actor also has a Mansion in Oxford triangle Venice California.
Cheadle owns a magnificent mansion in Oxford Triangle purchased in 2014 for $894 thousand. Sources claim that the house was customized entirely after buying, and the total cost of his house after customization was expected to be around $1.5 million.

Don Cheadle's House Location
PC: Google Image

His house features rooftop 10-foot tall ceilings, and a large kitchen with an island and a farmhouse sink the master bedroom is located on the second floor of the house. Likewise, his bedroom features a walk-in closet, and in the ensuite master bathroom a giant bathtub.

Further, his eco-friendly house is solar-ready and equipped with radiant heating the two-story residence has three and potentially four bedrooms and three bathrooms in about 2,400 square feet
main floor living spaces include a cozily proportioned combination living and dining room.

Drives Expensive Cars

Don Cheadle drives from sleek rides in this incredible car collection but he is usually seen flaunting his Audi q7, and a Jaguar XJ to the events.

Don Cheadle's Favourite Audi q7 model
Don Cheadle's Favourite Audi q7 model
PC: Audi calendar shot 

His Audi was bought for $54 thousand, but when it was fitted with Lcd's surround sound and other utilities, he wrapped his car around with some additional $10 thousand to close the deal in around 70 thousand in total.

Don Cheadle's Jaguar XJ
Don Cheadle's Jaguar XJ

Likewise, the black Jaguar XJ, he rides is sold at $75,700, by the company without any extra added modifications. Likewise, he also owns a $467,000 worth vintage Jaguar Xk-e Type, which he rarely takes out foer a spin.

Jewels and Audemars Watches

American actor Don Cheadle has a thing for watches and is an incredible watch collection. He owns a white gold Audemars watch valued at $42,000 to begin with.

Don Cheadle's Watch collection detailde
PC Glamourpath

Likewise, he also flaunts his Audemars Piguet rose gold royal oak $46,000 sleek watch sometimes. Moreover, Don Cheadle also owns a Patek Philippine Nautilus which costs $200,000 and a $4,000 worth Maurice Lacroix masterpiece flyback-watch with crocodile skin trap.

Diamond Earings

Don usually flaunts a pair of preciously cut diamond earings, his fashion statement dates back to 90's where famous African-American men would flaunt expensive diamond earrings.

House Of Lies Star Don Cheadle Flaunting his diamond earrings
PC: House Of Lies Event in L.A

We have seen Diddy, Nelly, Kanye West and even Wiz Khalifa follow the old trend but if you think it was only rapper's thing than you should see Don Cheadle rock his stones.

Prefers an iPhone

Don Prefers iPhone and gave a whole Sharp Mag's cover on an I-phone X making iPhone the very first camera to cover an actual celebrity feature. This shows two things, he is in love with the latest gadgets and he is also not so much of an android user.

Don Cheadle flaunts his Jaguar Xk-e Type in his house front
PC: Sharp Magazine
Shot taken from an iPhone x

He supports 26 charities

We can go on about his charatable contributions but its best if we enlist the known ones, right? To make things more clear, let us say that Don Cheadle supports various charities and welfare organizations but the best known charities he's backing up are After-School All-Stars, National Kidney Foundation, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, UNICEF, United Nations Environment Program, US Doctors for Africa, World Food Program, and Years of Living Dengerously.

So far he's participated in various fundraiser events along with actively donating from his personal savings. In short he's making the world a better place, from his side for sure!

So, these were a few points that proves Don actually a War Machine when it comes to making money and also helping people. He is really a super hero, and for more on super heros like him, keep up with Glamourpath.