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Facts About Dominique Capraro - Michelle Phan's Former Boyfriend

Published Thu Sep 30 2021 By Kri
Facts About Dominique Capraro - Michelle Phan's Former Boyfriend

Dominique Capraro is a Swiss model, a dancer, and a runner-up of Mr. Switzerland. With a fantastic body and a very attractive aura, he has taken away the heart of most of the girls. 

Capraro works with Jaffa Models in Chicago, Illinois. He is popular as a boyfriend of the popular American youtube and businesswoman, Michelle Phan.

Early Life

Dominique was born on May 16 1988 in Visp, Switzerland. He was born to an Italian father and Swiss-Austrian mother, Monika Thoni.

He was passionate from a very young age about dancing and modeling. He dreamt of making his career as a model and a dancer. He took part in various modeling and dance shows when he was still in his school days. 


Art History at the Universite de Lausanne 
College de L'abbaye de St. Maurice.

Net Worth

Dominique Capraro has an estimated net worth of $900k which he accumulated through his modeling and dancing career. He has an estimated earning of $210k through his modeling career and an earning of $159k from his dancing career. 

Dominique Capraro for modeling

He has been successful in what he's been doing and thanks to his earning he has been living a modest and happy life. 

Relationship With Michelle Phan

Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan first met in 2008 on Valentine's day in New York and met again after some time for a shoot in Paris and since then they fell for each other and started dating after two years in 2010. 

Dominique Capraro with Michelle Phan at "Linsanity"
Source: Getty Images

The couple has been very open about their affection towards each other. Phan proved to have been dating Capraro through her youtube channel in 2012 which gained much attention from her fans. Since then they have displayed their affection publicly. 

They also managed to be together still after two years of a long-distance relationship. The couple was loved by everyone and rooted for them in every step they took with each other. 

Is The Couple Still Together?

With the disappearance of Michelle from her every social media handle, the news, and updates on Dominique also came to stop. They used to do Q & A videos together but that also disappeared.

In 2017, Phan came out with a video where she hinted that she neither had a husband nor kids and remained quiet about questions on her boyfriend. 

Again after two years in 2019, Phan came back with her videos but not the videos her fans expected from her. They wanted Q & A videos that she used to do with Dominique. 

With this fans speculated that they may have broken up or they may be keeping their relationship away from the public. 

There still is no information on whereabouts about Dominique and is rather living his life privately. 

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