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Who is Dominique Boxley? Facts About Anthonio Fantano's Wife

Published Wed Jan 25 2023 By sush
Who is Dominique Boxley? Facts About Anthonio Fantano's Wife

Dominique Boxley is the wife of the music critic Antonio Fantano. If you don't know, Anthony Fantano is an entertainment vlogger who is well-known for his music critics and reviews and also as "the needle drop." He is one of the most respected and prominent music critics in the industry for his great content. 

Dominique came to light after Anthony introduced her as his "girl" in one of his videos. And now, after all these years, she has come to the hotspot once again after the rumors of her and Anthony's divorce surfaced. So, everybody is now interested in Dominique, who has appeared in literally just two of Anthony's countless videos. 

And now, let's dive into knowing the woman of the "busiest music nerd," Anthony Fantano. 

Net Worth Of Anthony

Unfortunately, the profession and income of Dominique Boxley are yet to be revealed. So, her net worth and financial standing were not to be found and be estimated. So let's talk about her husband, Anthony Fantano's net worth instead. 

The music critic and husband of Dominique Boxley, Anthony Fantano.
The music critic and husband of Dominique Boxley, Anthony Fantano. (Source: Instagram@afantano)

The net worth of the music critic Anthony Fontana is estimated to be over $5 million. The music nerd is a popular full-time music vlogger who is also regarded as "the most popular music critic standing" by The New York Times. 

He is a music vlogger with two YouTube channels, The Needle Drop and Fantano, both channels surpassing a milestone of 2.69 million and 1.59 followers, respectively. And as per the reports, Anthony's estimated yearly earnings from his primary YouTube channel, The Needle Drop, range from $59,400 to $399,300. Likewise, his earnings from his second YouTube channel, Fantano, vary from $47,584 to $288,100 annually.

Is Dominique Available On Social Media?

Unfortunately, to our dismay, Dominique isn't available on social media. However, to make up for that, here are the social media handles of her husband, Anthony Fantano who is one of the most respected music reviewers and vloggers in the industry.

Anthony is available on Instagram under @afantano, with over 796k followers. On Twitter, he is available under his most known name @theneedledrop. Moreover, he also has quite a good presence on the platform, with over 899.6k followers. 


As already mentioned, Dominique Boxley is the wife of the famous music vlogger, Anthony Fantano, also known as "theneedledrop." The self-claimed "busiest music critique" first introduced Dominique as his girlfriend in his video titled "10 Love Songs We Love," making her first appearance on the Valentine's of 2011. 

Reportedly, Dominique and Anthony met online back in 2008. With their passion for music, they built up good chemistry. It is also reported that the couple went to Hershey, Pennsylvania for their first date. And Anthony was half an hour late for his first date with Dominique because of his busy schedule. After that, they started spending time together and eventually went to Las Vegas together. 

The couple got married in secret with no eyes of the media or the public. So, their exact date of marriage and relationship timeline isn't available as both of the parties have been extremely private about their marital life and have never mentioned the topic. But, it is still well known that Anthony and his wife, Dominique share a lovely relationship and marital life. 

What About Rumors About Divorce?

If you're quite active on social media and follow Anthony Fantano or The needle drop, you must be familiar with rumors of Anthony getting divorced. A few months back, there were rumors regarding the divorce of Dominique Boxley and her husband, Anthony Fantano. Some of his fans claimed on Twitter that the couple was separating, which got viral. 

However, there is no confirmation of the divorce. And since Dominique is also unavailable on social media, she hasn't made any public appearances for the announcement.

Anthony Fontana and Dominique Boxley's divorce rumor discussion on Reddit.
Anthony Fontana and Dominique Boxley's divorce rumor discussion on Reddit. (Source: Reddit)

Moreover, before their rumors of getting divorced, the couple was also rumored to have broken up back in 2018. However, the couple denied the allegations of their breakup in their youtube video on February 14 of the same year. They said;

According to you guys, we have been broken up for several years. We’ve just been relationship-wise, just kind of under the radar because our privacy is important, but you know my online show is about my opinions on music. It's not about my marriage"

How Did "The Greatest Music" Respond To The Rumors?

We have known that the "music critic," Anthony Fantano, who is known as a funny and brutal critic of the industry, is a professional person who doesn't like to deviate from his original intent of reviewing music for his personal life matters. So, of course, when the whole internet was talking about his marital life and divorce, he would have something to say, right?

After the couple's divorce rumors arose, Anthony didn't respond to them in an instant. Seeing how Anthony didn't talk about this, his viewers were quick to understand that he was trying to be private about his marital affairs and even defended him from getting slandered on the internet. However, he took his sweet time and, after some while, finally posted a video on his youtube channel addressing the rumors. 

If you watch the video, you'll find that he has no intention of letting the public get into his personal life. He posted the video with the title "Addressing the Rumors" because of his awareness of the flying rumors, and he never mentioned the whole topic. His viewers were delighted and found his "addressing" very funny. 

Dominique's Husband Got Into A Feud With Drake

As a music vlogger, Anthony keeps posting reviews about different albums. So, let's say he might have beef with some artists due to his reviewing their albums from his viewpoint. And the same thing happened with the famous rapper Drake. He reviewed Drake's album, and Drake got back at him. 

So what actually happened was Anthony posted a review of Drake's album, Honestly, Nevermind in June 21, 2022. He gave the project a score of "Not Good" out of 10. After he posted his review, Drake slid into his DMs and wrote,

“Your existence is a light 1. And the 1 is cause you’re alive” “And cause you somehow wifed a black girl” “I’m feeling a light to decent 1 on your existence” 

However, Anthony gave a comedic spin to the response of the rapper and posted a video saying that Drake slid into his DMs and sent him a vegan cookie recipe. Since Anthony didn't reveal Drake's exact words, Drake felt pretty insulted by Anthony. 

So, he was baited and he himself leaked the real words that he wrote to the music critic in his DMs and also made sure to say that he never sent Anthony a cookie recipe.

Do Dominique And Anthony Have Children?

Although the couple, Dominique Boxley and Anthony Fantano, have been together for over a decade, there has been no news of them welcoming a child. It seems the couple wasn't ready to be parents or they were busy in building themselves individually. 

Also, we can't leave out the possibility that they actually have children; however, they have not revealed anything since they are extremely closed off about their personal lives. Since it's been ages since Dominique made her appearance, it's not surprising that they would actually hide their pregnancy. 

Anthony Fantano with her husband, Anthony Fantano.
Anthony Fantano with her husband, Anthony Fantano. (Source: YouTube/Aussie celebs)

But Anthony would have surely shared this news among his fans if they had indeed welcomed a child. So, they might actually not have given birth to their baby. And now that there are rumors of them getting divorced, we aren't sure if we'll ever be able to see the adorable baby, the music nerd, with his beautiful woman. 

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