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Dominique Beyrand – Roger Taylor’s Ex-Wife Mother of His Two Kids

Published Wed Oct 02 2019 By DGM
Dominique Beyrand – Roger Taylor’s Ex-Wife Mother of His Two Kids

Dominique Beyrand is the first wife and baby mamma of the famous drummer of the American rock band 'Queen' Roger Taylor. She is a descendant of French and Portuguese nationality and knows both languages very well.

Beyrand was together with Taylor for over 15 years as they married after dating for a long time. Here are some facts about her:

What's her Net Worth?

Dominique Beyrand holds an estimated net worth of $1 million which includes her big mansion in which she is living. 

She isn't involved in any type of professions currently but takes care of her house and her land.

Ex-Husband - Roger Taylor

Dominique is the first wife of the American drummer Roger Taylor and were together for 11 long years. They were together since 1977 and tied the knot back in 25 January, 1988 in the presence of Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury as the witness of their marriage. 

By the time the couple married, their relation had already become fragile and hence, just after three of marriage, Roger moved to the house which he purchased for himself and his to-be wife at that time Debbie. 

Taylor, himself, said that their marriage was just to make their children legal and secure plus that Beyrand wouldn't have to face difficulties rearing their kids. They separated in November 13, 2004 after their divorce being finalized. 

Two Children

Dominique Beyrand has given birth to two kids with her ex-husband Roger which includes a son and a daughter. Son Felix Luther Taylor is elder and daughter Rory Eleanor Taylor is the younger one. 

Felix is a drummer, actor, and author whereas Rory is a doctor and model by profession. Apart from these, her former spouse also has three kids; son Rufus Tiger Taylor and daughters Tigerlily Taylor and Lola Leng Taylor with his ex-wife Deborah aka Debbie Leng. 

A picture of Dominique Beyrand with her kids.
Dominique Beyrand with her kids.
Image Source: Tumblr

Active on Twitter

Dominique Beyrand is active on Twitter by the name @DommyBeyrand where she has 35 followers. She often comes online and tweets randomly. Her recent tweet was 'I'm still alive lol' which seems to be a kind of joke to those people who think that she might be dead.

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