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Late Dodie Levy-Fraser - Passed Away Michael Landon's Ex-Wife

Published Thu May 13 2021 By Aashika
Late Dodie Levy-Fraser - Passed Away Michael Landon's Ex-Wife

Dodie Levy-Fraser came into the limelight as the first wife of the late actor, Michael Landon. He was a legendary actor, writer, director, and producer who worked 35 years in the Hollywood industry.

On 16th March 1933, she landed in this world whereas her birthplace is New York City, New York. Fraser was born to her parents Victoria "Dora" Samarel Levy and Nissim Levy. She was raised with her two siblings Mary Levy Rugraffe and Solomon Isaac "Solly" Levy. 

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Married with Michael London

Dodie Levy-Fraser exchanged the vows with Michael Landon on 11th March 1956, in a private way in front of family and close ones. After their marriage, Landon started his career in Hollywood. 

They were happy with each other and were parents of two children. But when the actor began getting success in his career. The two couldn't balance their married life which led to the divorce that took place in 1962. 

Dodie Lavy-Fraser with her former husband and son Josh Fraser Landon. 
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Previous Relationship

The marriage with Mr. Landon was the second marriage of Dodie. Before him, she was the widow of a man who passed away. She has not revealed any information regarding her first husband. The couple welcomed one son from their marriage. Their married life couldn't go so far due to the death of her spouse. 

Love Life After Divorce with London

After separation from Michael, she tied the knot to Dr. Peter Lake in 1971. The couple lived a life away from the limelight and were happy together. They were husband and wife until Lavy-Fraser's death. 

Mother of Two Children

Lavy-Fraser is the mother of two children from her former husbands. Her first child, Mark Landon was born on 1st October 1948 and was from her first spouse. 

Later, with Landon, she adopted Josh Fraser Landon as an infant. He was born on 11th February 1960. Two sons shared a strong relationship with their parents though they became apart. In fact, Mark has followed up his step-daddy footstep and worked in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in three movies such as "US" and "Goodbye America". 

Mark Landon with his -step-father Michael Landon. 
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How Much Does Dodie Had Net Worth?

Dodie Lavy-Fraser had an estimated net worth of $300 thousand which she made from working as a legacy secretary. She also received some amount for the child support from Landon whose net worth was around $40 million. 

Fraser's Death

On 5th July 1994, Dodie Lavy-Fraser died at the age of 61, in Palm Spring, Riverside County, California. Her cause of death was natural. Her body was dug up at Home of Peace Memorial Park, in the Cemetery in East Los Angeles. 

Her Former Husband and Son Left World

Michael Landon died on 19th July 1991, at age of 54 whereas the place was Malibu California. In the same year, he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and pancreas. His cancer spread to his colon, though he was battling with the disease by chemotherapy and dietary changes. Unfortunately, he couldn't live a life further and left the world. 

The eldest son, Mark Landon passed away on 11th May 2009, at his house in West Hollywood. There is no information regarding his death cause. He was buried at the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City, California.

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