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Dobre Brothers Net Worth

Published Tue Apr 12 2022 By sijal
Dobre Brothers Net Worth

The Dobre Brothers are the famed personality on social media known for their YouTube channel official account Dobre brothers. They are altogether four brothers Darius, Cyrus, Marcus, and Lucas

Through their youtube channel and as a singer they have a net worth of $25 million dollars as of 2022.

They were born as sons of Boz Mofid and well-known gymnast Aurelia Dobre. Lucas and Marcus are twins and have their own Youtube channel besides Dobre Brothers.

How much is the earning of each Dobre Brothers?

Live it up song singers have gotten huge support and attention from the netizens since they became active on Youtubes and other platforms. Talking about their earnings the twins Marcus and Lucas have their own accounts and have earnings of $250,000 USD dollars per month.

 However, Darius and Cyrus earn $180,000 USD dollars on a monthly basis. Their main income source is from social media platforms and the sponsors they got to be featured.

The Total Net Worth of Dobre Brothers

Comparing the Dobre Brother's economic status to other Youtubers they are at a high level. Lucas and Marcus have a total net worth of $7 million dollars and $7.5 million dollars whereas Darius and Cyrus earn $6 and $6.5 million dollars on a yearly basis.

 Altogether, the overall net worth of the Dobre Brothers is more than $25 million dollars as of 2022. 

Dobre Brothers collection of cars 

When it comes to the collection of stylish and branded cars Dobre Brothers are on the top list and have a huge fantasy of collecting those newly launched branded cars. 

Moving to each car owned by the Dobre brothers, Darius Dobre has overall two vehicles BMW X5M Competition price; $130,000 and a Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini price; $315,005.

Dobre Brothers showing off their all car collection
Dobre Brothers branded and stylish car collection. source: @HotCars

 Whereas, Cyrus Dobre owns BMW X6M, Tesla Model S Plaid, and McLaren 720S which costs $110,000, $130,200, and $304,840.

Finally, Lucas and Marcus have got more car collections Cadillac Escalade which cost $101,600, Tesla Model X priced at $114,990, Mercedes Benz G500 price; $113,950, Ferrari 488 Pista price; $630,000, and Porsche 911 GT2RS owned by Marcus priced at; $425,000. 

Houses owned by Dobre Brothers

The nominated creators for the Breakout Creator Award were able to buy their own houses at such a young age because of their success. 

The Maryland Mansion

Dobre Brothers bought their mansion back in 2017 which is built on a 5,845 square feet area with a lot of exciting things(a swimming pool, gaming and barbeque zones, and a big playground).

 Inside the house is built perfectly in a white themed and includes 10 bedrooms with attached bathrooms in each. It is all-round covered with glasses which gives a perfect scent of nature. The house is basically located in Adamstown, Maryland.

House in Beverly Hills

Their Beverly located mansion is worth $38,000,000 USD dollars which occurred 10,000 square foot area located in the hills of Los Angeles. 

However, Lucas and Marcus posted a caption in their video about selling their Beverly mansion. But like the boys, YouTube content is mainly based on pranks and entertainment the news was never confirmed.

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