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Facts About DJ Honda - Japanese DJ and Hip Hop Artist

Published Tue Nov 12 2019 By Akki
Facts About DJ Honda - Japanese DJ and Hip Hop Artist

The Japanese native, DJ Honda is a versatile hip hop artist and record producer influenced from American musicians. He is widely known for his unique music style. He was born in Hokkaido, Japan and later moved into Tokyo to pursue his musical career. He belongs to Asian ethnicity.

Here are 10 facts about DJ Honda's life';

What's his Net Worth? 

DJ Honda has a whopping net worth of $1 million, which he made through his professional career as a hip hop DJ and producer. He gets paid a good amount of money for his performance in clubs,and shows as per the contract with the event management team. 

According to the PayScale, an average DJ salary is around $43 hourly, whereas it reports, the DJ can earn up to $123 hourly as per his skill and popularity.

DJ Honda posing for a picture.
DJ Honda taking a photo.
Image Source: Insta@djhonda_official

Own Merchandise 

Being a creativity guy, Honda is also widely known for his fusion of music and fashion. He has launched his own brand featuring 'h' as a logo. His fans and well-wishers can get their own favorite colored t-shirt and hoodie with the artists' own logo online on Etsy.

YouTube Channel 

DJ Honda has a YouTube channel in order to promote his music online. His self-named channel has over 4.97k subscribers along with 51 music videos till date. His hit songs like Travellin' Man feat. Moses has crossed over 1 million views. 

His YouTube channel generates around $1.1K monthly as stated in the Social Blade.


The "Clique" was a pop band group by American musicians. Honda started the band at the age of 17 when he moved to Tokyo to pursue his dream. He used to be the vocalist & guitarist for the band. Following the phase of the struggling period, the group was disbanded.

A picture of DJ Honda in studio.
DJ Honda working in the studio.
Image Source: Insta@djhonda_official

Albums and Single Hit  

DJ Honda released his debut self-named album Japanese version in 1995 and the U.S. version in 1996. The album feature hit songs like; "Out For The Cash" and "Straight Talk From NY". After the huge success of first, he released his second album 'HII' on March 24, 1998. 

Currently, DJ Honda has released over 13 hit albums including 2019; Dark Side featuring Beni Zakura.


The handsome hunk, DJ Honda has an official website for his music stuff. The website feature the option likes; company, about, and schedule. The website also includes a shop option, where the willers can buy his albums online. His fans and well-wishers can know more about his work through the websites.

Work with Renowned artist 

Following his musical career, DJ Honda has worked with the numbers of renown musicians. In 1995, he released a self-named album, which featured top artists like; The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, and Al'tariq. By the end of 2019, he has collaborated with Mos Def, Cuban Link, Keith Murray, Fred Durst, Big JOE in his songs.

A picture of DJ Honda with his colleagues.
DJ Honda and American hip-hop artists taking a picture together.
Image Source: Insta@djhonda_official


In 1998, DJ Honda launched his own record label DJ honda RECORDINGS. Currently, the company has been successful with his work and has branches across, in the different parts of the world including USA.

Dog Owner 

DJ Honda is an avid dog lover and owns a pit bull pooch. Apart from his musical career, he loves to spend days with his pet. He hangs out with his pooch playing all day long, walking down to the street and feeding him in free hours. The dog is very lucky to get him as a master, where DJ Honda has been giving his best to raise his pet. 

Social Media Presence 

Like other artists, DJ Honda has been taking full advantage of social networking sides to promote his music. He regularly updates his work and upcoming project on social media. He has over 5.3 followers with 285 posts on his Instagram account. Besides that, he is also fully active on Twitter, where he has more than 6.2k fans following along with 8,023 tweets as of now.

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