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Facts About DJ Drewski - Entrepreneur and TV Personality

Published Mon Nov 11 2019 By aisha
Facts About DJ Drewski - Entrepreneur and TV Personality

Andrew Loffa known from his stage name DJ Drewski is an actor and a DJ who is best known for his work in Love and Hip Hop. He is the rising star of the Phenomenal DJ generation and Radio DJ for Hot97 in New York City.

Drewski was born on August 22, 1987, in Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States. Here are some facts about Andrew Loffa, aka DJ Drewski.

What's his Net worth?

The Love and Hip Hop actor Drewski has an estimated net worth of $2 million. His major source of income is from being a Dj and an actor. Drewski gets paid an amount of $15,000 for 4 hours of appearance on the show Love and Hip Hop. He also earns a sum of money from .his shows and events.

He also became the producer for the Angie Martinez show and helped in the launching of MVMNT which is a collective profession of DJ and artists.

Fiancee - Sky Landish

DJ in his blue jacket and black cap with his fiancee Sky Landish wearing black dress
DJ Drewski with his fiancee Sky Landish
Image Source: Instagram

Drewski got engaged to Sky Landish who is a Fitness model and a TV reality star. He proposed Sky on the reality show Love & Hip Hop and they got engaged. So the couple is in the halfway to get married.

Love Triangle Rumors 

Dj Drewski was once in the middle of a Love triangle with Sky Landish and Bianca Bonnie who is professionally known as Young B. 

As the popularity of DJ was producing more rumor outside the show, there were some rumors going inside the show that his co-star Mariahlynn is being cozy with him. Later, he made it clear that he only loves Sky and has already seen a future with her.

Fiancee is His Business Advisor

Sky being fiancee to Drewski has been very profitable to Drewski's life because the love of his life is his own business adviser who helps him to make a wise decision regarding his plans, investment, marketing and other. The couple has also founded their own fitness organization which they named Strip N. 

Second Highest Paid Male on LHHH 

Drewski is the high paid male actress on Love and Hip Hop and he gets salary according to the time he has appeared on the show instead of getting paid per season. He gets $15,000 for four hours of appearance on the show.

Radio DJ Hot 97

A picture of DJ Drewski in his black t-shirt and cap on Radio Hot 97
DJ Drewski in Radio Hot 97
Image Source: YouTube

He is the producer of 'The Cipha Sound Show' on Hot 97 which aired every Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm. He is also the official producer of  Angie Martinez Show by developing great expertise on the show and has been producing for Hot 97 for over a decade.

Compared to Prince Harry and Megan Markle

After the marriage ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, many fans compared Dj Drewski and Sky Landish with Harry and Megan stating both couples is alike. In one of the posts of Sky, she has posted a picture of side by side comparison of the couple captioning "Are we the hood version?".

Created MVMT

Drewski has also helped in launching the MVMT by teaming up with Cipha Sound which collects professional artists who perform globally and serves new music and art. The MVMT is going on a tour which was sponsored by Dutch Master Cigar for 'Wrap Parties'. 

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