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Get to Know Dixie Brubaker – Pictures and Facts About Dinesh D’Souza’s Wife

Published Mon Dec 28 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Dixie Brubaker – Pictures and Facts About Dinesh D’Souza’s Wife

Dixie Brubaker came into the limelight as the former wife of Dinesh D'Souza. Her ex-husband is a renowned personality who is a political commentator, author, and filmmaker. 

The pair were together for more than a decade of married life and shares a daughter. Before her relationship with D'Souza, she was far away from the media and public attention.

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What's Her Net Worth?

Dixie Brubaker has an estimated net worth of $200 Thousand which she received from her ex-husband as child support and alimony.

Her husband Dinesh D'Souza's wealth is around $5 million. He is a filmmaker, political commentator, and author. He was a policy advisor for President Ronald Reagan.

Moreover, his books are in the list of New York best-selling books such as 'What's So Great About Christianity' and 'Life After Death: The Evidence'. Not only this, but he also makes some amount of wages as a provocateur and conspiracy theorist.

Ten Years of Married Life 

Dixie Brubaker and Dinesh D'Souza, the President of The King's College met while he was working in Washington, D.C. The couple fell in love and tied the knot in 1992. Their wedding ceremony was held near San Diego with Rafael Cruz, father of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. 

After having a relationship for a decade, the pair ended their marriage, legally in 2012. They have a daughter whose they share joint custody.

Former Husband Dinesh D'Souza.
Image Source: Nytimes 

Former Spouse Past and Extra Love Affairs

An Indian-American author has been always in a rumor about his relationships. First, he was engaged with Laura Ingraham which later broke up. 

Then, D'Souza was in a romantic relationship with Ann Coulter, eventually got separated. While he was divorcing his wife, his name was linked up with Denise Odie Joseph II, which broke in the same year.

D'Souza with his ex-girlfriend, Laura Ingraham.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Mother of a Daughter  

Brubaker is the mother of a beautiful daughter. In 1995, she gave birth to Danielle D'Souza-Gill. Her daughter has already graduated from Dartmouth College and is now working as a television personality, author, and blogger. 

The 25 years, Danielle is a married woman who is the wife of an investment banker, Brandon Gill. 

Danielle D'Souza-Gill and her husband Brandon Gill.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Life After Divorce 

When D'Souza and her marriage did not work, she lived her life away from the media and paparazzi. In fact, as being a single parent, Dixie managed her time for her daughters and didn't get married. 

Whereas the politician has already moved on his life when he exchanges his vows with Deborah Fancher. She is a conservation political activist who is from Venezuela. 

The two became life partners on 19th March 2016 which was organized by a Protestant Preacher. He is the stepfather of two children, from his wife's previous relationship.

Dinesh D'Souza with his second wife Deborah Fancher.
Image Source: Pinterest

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