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Discover the Musical Talents of Jenine Wardally: Wife of Juwan Howard

Published Sat Mar 02 2024 By Nancy
Discover the Musical Talents of Jenine Wardally: Wife of Juwan Howard

Jenine Wardally is an American model who loves fashion. People know her not just for her work but also because she is married to NBA player Juwan Howard. They have two children together. 

Jenine Wardally Wiki/Bio

Born on February 7, 1976, in Brooklyn, New York, Jenine Wardally is 48 years old as of 2024. Her parents are George Wardally and Jermin Ruby.

Wardally grew up with her three siblings: Maya, Shakira, and Liesha. Wardally has not disclosed her educational background. 

Jenine Wardally is Married to Juwan Howard

Jenine and her husband, Juwan Howard, first met at Alonzo Mourning's party. The pair started as friends and then began dating. Recognizing their strong connection, Jenine and Juwan tied the knot on July 6, 2002. 

Jenine Wardally is posing for a picture.
Jenine Wardally is posing for a picture.
Photo Source: Instagram

Howard, a retired American professional basketball player and current basketball coach, had a successful career. He played for several NBA teams, including the Washington Bullets, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, Portland Trail Blazers, Charlotte Bobcats, and Miami Heat. 

Despite their public lives, the couple prefers a low-key lifestyle. They have two sons, Jace Howard and Jett Howard, who both share their father's passion for basketball. 

Juwan also has a son, Juwan Howard Jr., born in 1992 with Markita Blyden, and three other children whose names are not known.

What is Jenine Wardally's Net Worth?

Despite having a successful career, Jenine Wardally's net worth is significantly lower than her husband's. Her estimated net worth is $1 million as of 2024. While this amount may seem modest compared to her husband's wealth, it is still a substantial sum for most families. 

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Wardally's husband, Juwan Howard is one of the most successful basketball players of his era and has amassed a fortune from his NBA career and coaching endeavors. He has played for several teams, winning two championships, and was the first NBA player to sign a contract exceeding $100 million

Juwan's net worth is estimated to be around $80 million.

Jenine Wardally Career Highlights

Growing up and witnessing the struggles around her, Jenine Wardally was deeply motivated to make a difference. She committed herself to philanthropy, focusing on addressing overlooked challenges in the community. 

 Jenine Wardally was deeply motivated to make a difference.
 Jenine Wardally was deeply motivated to make a difference.
Photo Source: Instagram

After experiencing the loss of a loved one to cancer, Wardally founded the Juice Foundation. This organization aims to raise awareness about preventive measures against cancer, advocating for healthy lifestyles through specific regimens and routines. 

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Through her foundation, Jenine has raised funds and improved living conditions for cancer patients. Additionally, she is a successful author, having penned two impactful books. When she is not writing, Jenine dedicates her time to caring for her large family.

Jenine Wardally's Husband is an American Former Professional Basketball Player And Coach

Michigan Fab Five 

Juwan Howard was part of the renowned Fab Five at Michigan, alongside Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson. Together, they propelled Michigan to the finals in the 1992 and 1993 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship. 

Juwan Howard is with his family.
Juwan Howard is with his family.
Photo Source: Instagram

Despite NCAA sanctions impacting the university's records due to a scandal, Howard remained untainted, preserving his All-American season accomplishment in 1993-94. 

NBA Career 

Drafted fifth overall by the Washington Bullets in the 1994 NBA Draft, Juwan Howard quickly made his mark, earning All-Rookie honors in his debut season. His stellar performance secured him the distinction of being the first NBA player to sign a $100 million contract after just two seasons. 

Over his career, Howard played for various teams before finding success with the Miami Heat, winning NBA championships in 2012 and 2013. 

Coaching Career 

Transitioning from player to coach, Juwan Howard joined the Miami Heat organization as an assistant coach after retiring in 2013. He spent six seasons honing his coaching skills before taking the helm of the Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team in 2019. 

Under his leadership, the team achieved significant success, earning Howard multiple coaching awards, including during the 2020-2021 season when they reached the Big Ten championship game.

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