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Discover the Life of Jodi Lynn Calaway, the Undertaker's First Wife

Published Tue Jul 18 2023 By prazu
Discover the Life of Jodi Lynn Calaway, the Undertaker's First Wife

Jodi Lynn Calaway is the first wife of the WWE legend The Undertaker. Even though she isn't as famous as his other two wives, she was with him for over ten years when he was just a regular wrestler. 

In this article, learn in detail about Calaway's personal and professional life.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Early Life

Jodi Lynn Calaway hasn't revealed her exact birth date, but it appears she is in her mid-40s. She was born in the United States. Calaway has kept her family details private and hasn't shared much about her parents or siblings.  

Jodi Lynn Calaway is the first wife of the WWE legend The Undertaker.
Jodi Lynn Calaway is the first wife of the WWE legend The Undertaker. Photo Source: Instagram

Calaway is American by nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. As for her education, she hasn't disclosed her educational background to the public, but it's possible that she graduated from a well-known university in her town. 

What is Jodi Lynn Calaway's net worth? 

While it's not clear what Jodi Lynn Calaway exactly does for a living, she still has some wealth. Most likely, she received this money after divorcing The Undertaker in 1999. Jodi Lynn's net worth is around $1 million

On the other hand, The Undertaker has had a successful wrestling career and has earned a lot of money over thirty years. His net worth is $17 million. 

Jodi Lynn Calaway Career Highlights

 Jodi Lynn Calaway used to be a wrestler and WWE Diva, but her time in WWE was brief. Not much is known about Calaway, but she was often seen in the arena with Mark William Calaway, also known as The Undertaker. 

 The Undertaker started his career in 1984.
 The Undertaker started his career in 1984. Photo Source: Instagram

Calaway hasn't revealed her current profession and has rarely spoken to the media since her separation from Mark. On the other hand, her ex-husband, The Undertaker started his career in 1984. He started his wrestling career in World Class Championship Wrestling. Although he initially lost his first match, he managed to win the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Championship on October 5, 1989.  

From 1989 to 1990, The Undertaker continued wrestling. The following year, he joined World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Unfortunately, his winning streak in WWE came to an end at the 22nd WrestleMania. He has achieved the WWE Championship title four times and the World Heavyweight Championship three times. 

Jodi Lynn Calaway Was Married to The Undertaker

Jodi Lynn Calaway is recognized as the first wife of Mark William Calaway, the famous WWE wrestler known as The Undertaker.  The pair met in the 1980s and started a relationship that led to their marriage. They kept their romance a secret until they were ready to get married.  

The Undertaker is with his daughter.
The Undertaker is with his daughter. Photo Source: Instagram

They got married in 1989 when they were both 24 years old. At that time, Mark was still establishing his career in wrestling. During their marriage, Jodi Lynn and Mark attracted attention from the public and were considered one of the best couples in the world of WWE.  

Jodi Lynn was the only wife of "The Dead Man" who witnessed his rise in the wrestling industry. She supported him from his early days in WCCW to WWF, and she played a significant role in his journey to WWE stardom. Her association with the wrestling champion brought her fame, but she has never been a mainstream celebrity in her own right.  

Four years after their marriage, Jodi Lynn and Mark had their only child together, Gunter Vincent Calaway, born in 1993. Gunter's middle name is a tribute to Vince McMahon, the chairman of WWE and Undertaker's boss.  

Although Gunter is Jodi Lynn and Mark Calaway's only biological child, he has four step-siblings. Chasey Calaway (born 2002) and Gracie Calaway (born 2005) are from Mark's second marriage to Sara Chirie Frank, who was also a WWE colleague.  Mark's last two step-siblings are from his third marriage to former female wrestler Michelle McCool. Michelle gave birth to Kaia Faith Calaway in 2012 and later had a son named Kolt Calaway. 

After Ten Years of Marriage Jodi Lynn Calaway's Divorce 

Jodi Lynn Calaway and The Undertaker, after being married for ten years, decided to get a divorce. The news of their separation was unexpected since their marriage seemed to be going well. The separation between Jodi and Mark was officially finalized in 1999, but they never disclosed the specific reasons for their split. The Undertaker has chosen not to talk about his divorce or mention Jodi publicly.  

Calaway, who prefers to stay away from the public eye, quickly returned to private life after the divorce. It has been difficult to get her to share any details about their marriage. Additionally, since their separation, they have not been seen together in public. Some media sources reported that personal differences had been an ongoing issue between The Undertaker and his first wife, which ultimately led to the end of their marriage.  

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