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Dina Meyer’s All Relationship - Billy Joel's Former Girlfriend is Now Dating Someone

Published Thu Jul 08 2021 By Aashika
Dina Meyer’s All Relationship - Billy Joel's Former Girlfriend is Now Dating Someone

Dina Meyer is a renowned actress who has been working in Hollywood for almost three decades. She is known for appearing in numerous series and movies such as "Birds of Prey", "Johnny Mnemonic", "Secret Agent Man", and so on. 

As one of the beautiful actresses, many audiences are curious about her personal life, like who she is dating or has married.  Here is some collected information that may help you to know about her relationships. 

Current Relationship 

Dina Meyer is not married to date. She has been in a relationship which we can see on her Instagram account. Though her boyfriend's name has not been revealed in front of the media. The duo has been in a relationship since 2009 which has captioned in one of the posts that were posted by Ms. Meyer.

Recently on 14th February on Valentine, the actress uploaded the lovely couple picture and wished her partner. They are already engaged which we can say by seeing the ring on Dina's ring finger.  The two have not planned for their marriage yet but hope they will soon tie the knot in the upcoming days. 

Dina Meyer shares the picture with her boyfriend on social sites. 
Image Source: Instagram (@dinameyer)

Past Love Affairs

Back in 2001, "The Flash" actress Meyer hooked up with an actor Shane West. They spotted together at the premiere of the movie "A Walk To Remember" at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. After a year of their relationship, they parted ways in 2003 and moved on. 

Also, when she was dating West, her name was linked with Billy Joel. He is a musician, singer, songwriter, and composer who has been working since 1964 in the music industry. He is known as the "Piano Man" in his professional life. 

The pair never came out talking about their relationship, if they were then they would confirm in front of the camera. So, it was only a rumor as they are good friends. 

Dina Meyer with her ex-boyfriend, Billy Joel on the red carpet.
Image Source: Getty Image

For What Meyer Was Rumor? 

As we know that in the television film "Evil Doctor", Dina Meyer has portrayed the role of Dr. Natalie Barnes. She was the lesbian in the film who had affair with a woman. After this film, many people rumor that she is a lesbian in a real-life which was not true. Later, this controversy ended as she is living a happy life with her partner. 

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