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Get to Know Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis – Toni Braxton's Youngest Son With Ex-Hubby Keri Lewis

Published Thu Feb 27 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis – Toni Braxton's Youngest Son With Ex-Hubby Keri Lewis

The young talented actor, athletic, and model Diezel Ky Braxton Lewis is the youngest son of the American singer-songwriter, Toni Braxton with her former spouse Keri Lewis, who is also a musician. He was born on March 31, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Diezel is one of the famous celebrity child, who has a unique name. He is rumored to be named after the diesel engine inventor, Rudolf Diesel. Similarly, his second name 'Ky' is a Scottish word that is translated as a "narrow spit of land" in the English language.


Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis is the big brother of Toni. He is the first child of RnB singer Toni and her ex-husband Keri, born on December 2, 2001, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a good sportsman and plays basketball for his Oaks Christian School team

A photo of Toni with her sons.
Toni taking a photo with her children.
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Denim is a handsome young lad who is in love with a beautiful dancer Makaila Teagle studying in the same school. 

The lovebirds often share cute pictures from their romantic dates on their respective Instagram feeds.

Parents Divorce

Sadly, Lewis' parents Toni and Keri are no longer together. The ex-couple announced their separation in December 2009 and their divorce was finalization in July of 2013.

The former pair met in one of Tony's musical tour, where Keri Lewis' band Mint Condition opened the event. After that, the couple dated several times before marrying on April 21, 2001. The pair gave birth to two beautiful babies while they were together.

A photo of Toni and Keri.
Toni and Keri on their wedding day.
Image Source: Zimbo

After an annulment, in an interview on Jada Pinkett Smith's hit show "The Red Table Talk" Toni opened about her divorce with her ex-husband. In the interview with Jada, Tony stated money as the prime issues for her split.  

As per Tony,  she developed lupus and had to cancel shows following health problems in the middle of her ongoing divorce. On the top of that she had to pay Keri Lewis with divorce alimony which as per the singer was one of her darkest days. 

She also shockingly revealed that despite all the backstabbing, she and her ex-husband tried to reconcile their differences and tried working their relationship for one and half years after their divorce.

But the relationship inevitably sunk and eventually hit the rock bottom. Though the ex-lovers tried settling their differences, they couldn't keep things together and agreed on the dividend law.

Affluent Musician Mama and Her Bankruptcy

Diezel is the successor of millions as his mother, Toni Braxton holds a $10 million net worth alone. She is a versatile singer, songwriter, actor, and philanthropist, who has won nine Billboard Music Awards and seven Grammy Awards. 

Toni in a frame with her children.
Toni and her sons pose for a photo.
Image Source: Getty Images

Toni is one of the highest-selling female R&B artists with 40 million albums sale recorded globally. 

Her most memorable US chart-buster hits include singles such as Ub-Break My Heart, You're Makin' Me High and He wasn't Man Enough. 

She approximately earns between $750,000 to $1 million each year from her tours and shows. 

Further, Toni is also known for being a member of the famous musical group The Braxton alongside her sisters. Besides music, she also collects a good sum from We TV's reality show Braxton Family Values, which aired its last season in 2019.

In between her successive career, she faced financial issues as she filed for bankruptcy a couple of times. In 1998, she was $5 million in debt, which was recovered by the money generated from her hit albums 'The Heat' in 2000. 

Similarly, Toni filed another bankruptcy in 2010, when she was reported to be in $50 million debt. At the time, she was reported as a spendthrift and spent $2 million over makeup, clothing, and hair just in two year's time.

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