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Jocelyn Wildenstein ‘s Daughter Diane Wildenstein With Late Ex-Husband Alec Wildenstein

Published Fri Sep 13 2019 By Samana
Jocelyn Wildenstein ‘s Daughter Diane Wildenstein With Late Ex-Husband Alec Wildenstein

Diane Wildenstein is the daughter of the celebrity billionaire Late Alec Wildenstein and the famous 'Catwoman' Jocelyn Wildenstein.

The name "Diane" is an Indo-European name that specifically translates and means "Divine".

Parents' Net Worth

Diane's mother, Jocelyn Wildenstein has a massive net worth of $1 million. The funny thing about her heft number of net worth is that the woman has actually never worked for a living. Well, she might have when she was in college or something but, after growing up, she has never. She gained her eight-figure worth solely through her relationship with a popular and high-profile man.

Diane's father, Alec Wildenstein, who is no more with us, had a very huge net worth of $10 billion before he passed away with a disease that spares no one, no rich people nor any poor people. He was an art dealer, racehorse owner, and breeder but a massive percentage of Late Wildenstein's fortune came from his father, Daniel Wildenstein, who left all of his fortune for his kids.

Parents' Relationship

Diane Wildenstein's parents, Jocelyn and Alec got married on April 30, 1978. The two apparently met while in Kenya, in 1977. Jocelyn was travelling and Alec was there for a property check. 

Diane's mother was the one to approach her father first and asked him if she could join him for a hunt. The two then developed acquaintance with each other even though both of them were very much involved with their own partners. 

Diane's estranged parents Alec and Jocelyn.
Diane's estranged parents Alec and Jocelyn.
Image Source: Daily Mail

The couple had married against Diane's grandfather's wishes and had eloped to Las Vegas. Jocelyn and Daniel were still not on good terms even after she and his kid were married. However, after she gave birth to Daniel's grandchildren, the two put their differences aside and got on good terms. 

Parents Messy Divorce

The loving household of the Wildestein family began crumbling when Jocelyn had to go to Kenya because her father had passed away. Her husband did not accompany her to her father's funeral but stayed behind. 

After three weeks of her father's death, she received another bad news. News about her husband divorcing her because he was having an affair with a Russian Model. 

Diane's parents, who were once happily married.
Diane Wildestein's parents, who were once happily married.

There also have been many talks about Jocelyn actually walking in on her husband and his Russian model mistress

Sibling - Alec Wildestein Jr.

Diane Wildestein is the only daughter of her family and only has one elder brother. Her elder brother is named "Alec Wildestein Jr." and was very much named after her proud father, who held his head high as his first child was born. 

Diane and her brother do not have much of an age gap between them as their parents were only married from 1979 to 1997. 

A Mansion Was Built On Her Birthday

At ‘Ol Jogi', a huge mansion was built by Diane's parents on the sole occasion of her 17th birthday. The mansion is worth $3 million and belongs to Diane herself. 

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