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Diane Macedo

Published Fri Jun 03 2022 By chanel
Diane Macedo

Diane Macedo, Emmy Award-winning journalist is the co-anchor of ABC News' "World News Now" and "America This Morning" broadcasts. Diane Reis Macedo, who was born on February 28, 1982, in Mineola, New York State, USA, is well-known for her television presenting abilities.

Her professional background is extensive, and she has worked for some of America's most well-known journalistic organizations. She can be seen singing, hiking, cooking, or otherwise spending time with family and friends when she isn't pursuing news. She is usually attempting to do too many things at once.

Early life and Family

The news anchor was born in Mineola, New York, to parents who immigrated from Portugal's mainland. She grew up in New York City. In reality, very little is known about her upbringing or her parents. She'd been put together with great care. 

Her parents were from your part of Portugal, thus she has a Portuguese accent. She had been determined by her community, which was a mix of Portuguese and American since she ascended. She is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese. 


There isn't much information on how she became interested in news and media, although she did attend Boston College, where she double majored in communications and political science.

Because of her unusual accent, she suffered countless insults from her peers in high school. She was also a member of the Bostonians of Boston College, a capella singing ensemble.

Husband and Children

Thomas Morgan is Diane Macedo's husband. In 2012, the pair became engaged, and the following year, they married. There have been speculations that their marriage wasn't going well and that they are going to get a divorce in recent years, but Diane has debunked the accusations.

Diane Macedo with her son Frank and newborn daughter. (Source: Diane's IG)

The loving couple recently became parents and named their son Frank and also welcomed their second baby together, a daughter, she announced on Instagram last Monday, sharing photos of the newborn. For the time being, the lady occasionally shares images of herself, her husband, and their child was taken in various lovely locations.

Stalking Incident

Richard Pagani, who began by sending frightening and obscene information over social media, stalked her for a long period of time.

When he was observed at Macedo's job, following her to an outside shoot, and even disturbing her by knocking on the news car window, the situation worsened. He was eventually apprehended when police were contacted.

Journalism Career

Macedo began her career working as a guest booker for Fox News Radio. She was eventually promoted and had more notable tasks such as becoming a reporter as well as a news editor for the Fox News website and then doing on-air broadcasting too. In 2011, she joined the Fox Business Network as a business newsreader on Don Imus's long-running radio show "Imus in the Morning." She also became a regular panelist on the Fox News Channel's "Red Eye with Greg Gutfield," a late-night/early-morning satirical discussion show that discussed pop culture, politics, entertainment, religion, business, and sports.

Diane Macedo doing her job (Source: Diane's IG)

The journalist eventually moved to WCBS-TV in New York City, where she became a weekend morning anchor. She worked with the organization for a few years until leaving in 2016, moving on to ABC News, and becoming the co-anchor of "America This Morning," an early morning television news show including national and international news stories. She was also named co-anchor of "World News Now," a daily evening news show. She also fills in as a pop news anchor for "Good Morning America" on weekends, in addition to these programs.

Singing Career

Diane, in addition to her employment as a journalist, is the primary female singer for the Tribeca Rhythm musical group, having previously sung as a mezzo-soprano for Paradise Alley. She has also been spotted playing with the New Jersey-based cover band The Good Life, as well as singing for the studio band The Little Rockers on occasion.

The singer on the other hand never lost her fire, which has also enlisted the help of the Small Rockers musical group. She had a fantastic performance at the Great Life group. She is also a member of the Paradise Alley vocal group.

Net Worth and Income

Diane Macedo's net worth as of 20222 is estimated to be $1.2 million and earns a salary of $120,000 every year. She earned the most of it over her long career as a journalist. She may be booked for speaking engagements, personal appearances, and corporate events via 

All American Speakers Bureau, a full-service talent booking agency. Her appearance is stunning, and her way of life inspires a lot of people. It is expected that as she advances in her career, so will her money. 

Book: The Sleep Fix

Diane, a former insomniac, has written a practical, user-friendly guide to improved sleep. "The Sleep Fix" flips the script on conventional wisdom, shedding light on the reporter's never-ending quest for a decent night's sleep and the startling, scientific, and practical remedies she discovered along the way. The book hopes to alter that for those who suffer from various sleep problems with paradigm-shifting research and simple-to-implement treatments based not just on science and experts, but also on her own years-long battle.

As she says, getting enough sleep is more complicated than giving up caffeine or putting your phone aside before bed. She instead shows us how to, with her down-to-earth explanations and wit: Understand sleep biology, Identify sleep obstacles, Flag sleep myths, separate fact from fiction, Try counterintuitive approaches, and Shift our mindset.

Diane Macedo looks happy as ever. (Source: Diane's IG)

Most significantly, Macedo, a busy working parent, demonstrates how to adapt and integrate these ideas into our daily lives. The Sleep Fix is the straight-talking guide this sleep-deprived world has been waiting for, with professional knowledge, cutting-edge research, intimate sleep experiences from famous people, and effective guidance.

Diane, a lifelong night owl who has worked nearly every schedule imaginable, was the last person anybody anticipated to write about sleep. It's no wonder, however, that she set out to discover solutions to her sleeplessness and didn't stop until she'd produced a book full of them.

Body Measurements 

The mother of two is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m) tall and Weights around 57 kg.

Her waist size, bust size, and hip size are 25, 36, and 34 inches respectively. Similarly, her hair and eye color are dark brown. 

Social Media

This media star is quite active on social media, with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among others. Her Twitter account is mostly used to advertise her latest work and appearances on television, such as with ABC. It has more than 27.6k followers.

Likewise, her Instagram which has more than 51.8k followers is full of images and photos of her behind-the-scenes at ABC News, as well as pictures of her regular activities and family photos. She may also be seen touring around the United States and participating in numerous music-related events.

Her Facebook account on the other hand shows her on the set of ABC news as well as in the field during field reporting. She's also shared some intimate images and videos with her 149k admirers on her Facebook.

Some of her recent press coverage is promoted on her social media accounts. She frequently travels and takes photographs in many locations, and her shots can frequently be found on her social media profiles.

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