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Get to Know Derek DiScanio - Facts and Photos of "State Champs" Singer

Published Sat Feb 20 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Derek DiScanio - Facts and Photos of "State Champs" Singer

People know Derek DiScanio as the musician and rock singer who is the band member of 'State Champs'. He has been active since 2010 in the music industry and has released almost 10 albums. 

On 9th October 1992, he was born in New York, United States. He was interested in music from his school life and began learning, from where he decided to make a career as a musician. 

To know more about DiScanio that people are curious. 

Net Worth: $5 million

DiScanio has an estimated net worth of $5 million which he earned through his music career. He started professional life in 2010 from the band 'State Champs' with four members Tyler Szalkowski, William Goodermote, Dave Fogarty, and Matt Croteau. 

The band signed with Pure Noise Records in April 2012, whereas they released their first album 'The Finer Things'. Likewise, has released other albums such as 'Around the World and Back', 'Living Proof', and 'The State Champs'. 

Recently, DiScanio released a new song '10 AM' from the New York-based pop-punk band.

Derek DiScanio with his band member of 'State Champs'.
Image Source: United By Pop

Is DiScanio Single or Mingle?

Derek DiScanio is in a relationship with a beautiful girl. His girlfriend is a secretive person and has not shared her information. But, on the social page, they openly upload pictures with love captions. Hope the two will came out about their love life. 

A vacation picture of Derek DiScanio with his girlfriend.
Image Source: Instgaram

Has Two Cats

He is avid and adores animals and has kept two cats as pets. His two cats can be seen on his Instagram account. The cat's breeds are Ohartreux and American Shorthair. Recently, he posts a day on Instagram where his pets were playing with him. 

Derek DiScanio with his two cats.
Image Source: Twitter

His Albums Tattoos

One of DiScanio's fans has done tattoos on his body of lyrics of 'State Champs'. In an interview with fans, Derek also said that if he had a chance to ink on his body, he will surely tattoo his new album, 'Losing My Self' or 'I'm losing Myself in the Best Way'.  


The star has done piercing on his nose which makes him unique. His style has impressed many fans, by which the people are also copying him. 

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