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Who Remembers Late Delle Bolton? She Became Legend With Just Two Movies

Published Sun Feb 26 2023 By sush
Who Remembers Late Delle Bolton? She Became Legend With Just Two Movies

There are only a few personalities who maintain their fame through just credits in their career and leave behind their legacy. Among them, Delle Bolton very surely makes it somewhere at the top. She is an American actress who made her name with her out-of-world acting skills and with the least credits possible. 

Despite making an appearance in just two projects, Bolton managed to become one of the most sought actors of the 70s because of her outstanding acting skills. Not only that, her second project was a television series that starred her in only one of its episodes. However, she still managed to capture the attention of the audience. 

She was best known for her work in the American film, Jeremiah Johnson as Swan which was released in 1972. Later on, she also made her appearance as the character of Mrs. Townsend in the television series, The Monk in 2002 which became her 2nd credit in her career of just two credits.

What is Delle Bolton's Net Worth?

The net worth of the actress is estimated to be over $2 million. Another American actress named Kyra Zagorsky has a net worth of around $500,000

Despite being not active in the industry, Bolton collected quite a sum from her career in acting. However, there's no information on what she pursued after her career in acting. 

A picture of Delle Bolton.
A picture of Delle Bolton. (Source: Instagram@onziecolloff)

Moreover, her husband, David Collof, also had a career in the industry as a screenwriter. His estimated net worth was also over $100,000. So though they may not be with us anymore, it's natural that the couple led a happy and comfortable life. 

Early Life And Education 

The actress, Bolton was an American national who was born In New York, United States on November 13, 1947. At birth, her full given name was Gloria Delle Bolton. And according to sources, she is an American-Indian. 

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However, not much is known about the actress' early life and family background. So nothing is revealed regarding her parents and siblings. But according to a source, she attended the University of California and graduated with a major in theatre.

Bolton Is Married To David Colloff

You might not know, but Bolton was actually married. She married a screenwriter named David Colloff. Her husband, David Colloff was an actor who was born on February 2, 1945, in Alameda, California, USA. He is known for his work in films Room 222 (1969), Paddy (1970), and The Candidate (1972).

Delle Bolton and her husband, David Colloff.
Delle Bolton and her husband, David Colloff. (Source: Instagram@onziecolloff)

The actress Delle Bolton and the screenwriter, David Colloff married in May 1970. According to the source, the couple got married in the bride's house in the presence of only their family and close friends. It also states that Bolton was wearing her mother's gown for her wedding dress.

How Did Bolton And Colloff Meet?

According to sources, Colloff and Bolton met each other in 1969. At the time, they were colleagues and were attending the University of California, also taking the same theatre class. It is also stated that their love was love at first sight.

After getting acquainted, the couple eventually got into a relationship and got married. Not only that, but they also celebrated their first wedding anniversary at the shoot of the film Jeremiah Johnson (1972)

Does Bolton Have Kids?

If you're wondering if the actress had kids, then yes, she has kids. She is the mother of two daughters named Anya Delle Colloff and Emily Bolton Colloff. Bolton welcomed her first daughter a year after her wedding in September 1971. Then, she gave birth to her second daughter Emily Bolton in October 1979. 

Delle Bolton with her husband, David Colloff, and daughters, Anya Colloff and Emily Bolton Colloff.
Delle Bolton with her husband, David Colloff, and daughters, Anya Delle Colloff and Emily Bolton Colloff. (Source: Instagram@onziecolloff)

As per reports, Bolton's first daughter, Anya Delle is also a casting director who directed the 2011 film, Bad Teacher while her second daughter, Emily Bolton is an actress known for her work in the short film It's Hard (2000).

Moreover, according to Anya's social media, she is engaged to Brad Christopher who is a Real Estate Agent and investor. While on the other hand, Emily was reported to be serving as an Arts Education Researcher and Theatre Educator. ⁣

Bolton's Acting Career That's Made Of Just Two Credits

As mentioned above, Bolton has only played two credits. Her first one was her debut hit Jeremiah Swan. She portrayed Swan in the American Western film which was released in 1972. Then, she didn't make an appearance on television for over three decades.

After disappearing from the industry, she once again made her appearance with the character of Ms. Townsend in the television The Monk, back in 2002. Her much-anticipated comeback was positively perceived by the audience. However, she had just made her appearance in the series' single episode. And again, she disappeared from the industry. And since then, she is nowhere to be found.

What About Social Media? Was She Available?

Actress Bolton was from a generation with no social media unlike now. As we all know, most people from the older generation detest social media and refrain from using them. And likely so, though she didn't detest social media, she also wasn't available on social media. 

Delle Bolton with her family.
Delle Bolton with her family. (Source: Instagram@onziebolton)

However, we found that her daughter, Anya Colloff uses Instagram. She is available as @onziecolloff with over 1.6k followers. Despite not being very active on the platform, she has shared some pictures and posts about her parents and family. 

Bolton Passed Away After Three Months Of Her Husband's Death

Sadly Bolton's husband, Colloff passed away on March 11, 2022, at the age of 77. The news was announced by their daughter, Anya Colloff through her Instagram. According to her, her father had been suffering from cancer for a while. 

And unfortunately, after just three months after Colloff's passing, Bolton also followed her husband and passed away. This news was also announced by her daughter. Accordingly, she died because of blood cancer in June 2022 at the age of 75. She had been battling cancer for almost eight years. Her daughter posted a picture of her and posted with a caption that said;

“About a month ago we lost our beautiful mama, Delle, almost three months to the day after we said goodbye to our dad. Delle had been battling a rare form of blood cancer, myelodysplastic syndrome, for nearly eight years. Like all challenges in her life, she fought this disease with a strength that defied imagination while still managing to keep us laughing with her wickedly dark sense of humor. She passed at Emily’s home while being cared for by both of us.”

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