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Debra Messing's $25 Million Net Worth - All Her Properties, Cars and Income

Published Tue Aug 04 2020 By Aashika
Debra Messing's $25 Million Net Worth - All Her Properties, Cars and Income

Debra Messing has a huge amount of net worth $25 million which she managed to amass through her successful acting career. She earns as a television producer, voice actor, and comedian which are her other source of income. 

She is known for acting roles such as Grace Adler in the NBC sitcom, “Will & Grace” and as Molly Kagan in mini-series “The Starter Wife”. 

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Owner of Lavish House

Messing bought a two stored building located in Hollywood Hills, California. She purchased a luxurious house in September 2016. Currently, she is living with her son after a divorce with her husband.

On the other hand, she is also the owner of the New York apartment for which she dropped $5.45 million. It is 3,000 square feet that feature expensive equipment. An apartment is of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (plus staff room and bath).

A picture of Messing's NYC apartment (on left) and Hollywood Hills house (on right).

Sold Bel Air Mansion

In 2002, Debra with her former spouse bought Renee Zellweger's Bel Air mansion. They purchased for $7.5 million. After 11 years, they sold the mansion for $11.4 million by making $3.9 million.

Sold her Bel-Air Mansion for $11.4 million
Image Source: Pinterest  

Use Expensive Cars 

She has a number of branded cars like Audi, BMW, and Ferrari. She usually spotted driving Audi brand’s car which worth thousands to millions of dollars. Nevertheless, other cars that she carries also cost around the same amount.

Her Audi A6 car.

Salary from “Will & Grace”

In 1998, Debra Messing appeared in the NBC sitcom ‘Will &Grace’ as Grace Adler. She played a lead role in 233 episodes. The character, she portrayed is about a girl named Grace who is a straight interior decorator with a fondness for food and a sometimes selfish attitude. 

She was paid $250,000 in base salary that works out to around $6 million per season. After the success of season one, the series remake in 2017 to 2020. 

Debra Messing in the series 'Will & Grace' season 1.
Image Source: Medium

Appearances on Films and TV series

Emmy Award’ winner, Messing has starred in several films and TV series. She collected her decent amount as an actress. In 1994, she started appearing in Tv series, ‘NYPD Blue’ until 1995. 

Then after that, she appeared in TV series and films such as A Walk in the Clouds (film), Net & Stacey (series), Seinfeld (series), Will & Grace (series), McHale’s Navy (film), The Starter Wife (series), Smash (series), Lucky You (film), and so on. Moreover, she gave her voice of Arlene in the year 2004 in the film ‘Garfield’ and as Beth in ‘Open Season’. 

As a model 

Besides an actress, Debra Messing is also a model. She has become a face on the cover page of many magazines such as Instyle, Redbook, P.O.V, Vogue, Emmy, Glamour, Esquire Steller, and many more. 

On the cover page of  Instyle magazines.
Image Source: Magazines Canteen


Being a popular actress, she has endorsed Joe Biden for president the day before Super Tuesday. Through her twitter account in front of 63k followers, she captions that the Democratic candidate is a great communicator and a “unifier” who “believes in Science”. 

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