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Get to Know Debra Feuer - Mickey Rourke's Former Wife Who is an Actress

Published Wed Apr 28 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Debra Feuer - Mickey Rourke's Former Wife Who is an Actress

Debra Feuer is a former actress in the Hollywood industry who has worked for more than two decades. She is known for her work in "Miami Vice" and "Homeboy", where she has done outstanding performances. 

On 12th January 1959, she was born to her parents, Ron Feuer and Rusty Feuer. Debra is the eldest child among six children of her parents. Her education was completed at Chaparral and later joined an acting course. 

Let's read the below paragraphs to know more about Debra Feuer. 

What is Debra Feuer's Net Worth?

Feuer has an estimated net worth of $5 million which she accumulated through her acting career. In 1977, she made her first debut on the big screen by playing a role in "Beyond Reason". 

Later, appeared in numerous series and movies such as "Fantasy & Hutch", "Moment by Moment", "Flying High", "Crime Story", and so on. Her last appearance in the industry was in "No Pussyfooting" which was directed by Yael Russcol. Currently, the actress is working as a yoga teacher. 

Debra Feuer in the series "Miami Vice" as Celesta. 
Image Source: Fusion Movies

Married Life To Divorce

Debra Feuer was once married to Mickey Rourke. He is a renowned actor, screenwriter, activist, and former boxer. The two met on the set of "Homeboy", where they were co-stars of the film. 

In 1981, the pair tied the knot after dating for a long period. But, their married life didn't go so far and got divorced within 8 years in 1989. 

A picture of Debra Feuer and her former husband, Mickey Rourke at their wedding ceremony.
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Describe Her Ex-Husband in An Interview

In an interview Feuer gave in 2009, she mentions that they remained good friends. Also, mentioned that Rourke was a shy and vulnerable person when she first met him. 

Moreover, she also stated that he would not drink, only smoke. But when money and fame came in, he took to drugs, alcohol, and plastic surgeries. Then, he said, "He was jealous and overprotective and that used to suffocate her". At last, Debra was happy when he came back to the industry from the movie "The Wrestler".  

Relationship After Divorce

The "Hardcase" actress moved on and had a relationship with Scott Fuller, a photographer. The couple has not shared their personal life information in front of the media. But from their love life, the duo has a child. 

Mother of One

She is the mother of Jessica Ruby Fuller with Mr. Fuller. In 1998, the actress welcomed her little girl into this world. Currently, Jessica is 25 years old and busy in her professional life. The mother-daughter duo has been living a private life away from the media. 

Celebrity Parents

"Miami Vice" actress who played the character, Sonny Crockett, is the daughter of well-known people Ron Feuer and Rusty Feuer. Her father is a musician, music composer, producer, and actor. He's known for working "Sideways", "Scoot Balo Is 45... And Single", and "The Kiss". Ron is a producer of "Mother's Day" which was released in 2005.  

Her mother was a professional dancer who had performed in opening acts for Rat Pack singers Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. Apart from that, she changed her profession as an agent. 

Has Five Siblings

Debra is blessed with five siblings with whom she grew up and made her childhood wonderful. One of her siblings among five is Ian Feuer. He is a former soccer player who has played for a team like "Club Brugge", "Molenbeek", "Los Angeles Salsa", "Tranmere Rovers", and many more. Apart from him, there is no information regarding her other siblings and they live in private lifestyle. 

Debra Feuer's brother, Ian Feuer. 
Image Source: Genii

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