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Get To Know Deborah Jennifer Stern – Howard Stern’s Daughter With Alison Berns

Published Fri Jan 03 2020 By DGM
Get To Know Deborah Jennifer Stern – Howard Stern’s Daughter With Alison Berns

Deborah Jennifer Stern is the daughter of the famous American author, television and radio personality, Howard Stern. She was born on the 9th of May, 1986, in the United States from Howard's previous marriage with his ex-wife, former actress Alison Berns. She is the middle daughter among the three daughters of the author.

The name 'Deborah' is a feminine name according to Hebrew origin which translates to 'bee'. As for the name 'Jennifer', it is a girl's name derived from Cornish origin and means 'white wave, white shadow'. Here are some facts about her:

What's her Net Worth?

Deborah holds an estimated net worth of $400,000 from her career as the founding partner of Debra Stern Partners, a brand consultancy and the managing partner of the Carberry Stern Advisors.

Two Sisters - Emily & Ashley Stern

As mentioned earlier, Deborah is the middle daughter of her parents and has an elder and younger sister each. Emily Beth Stern is her elder sister and Ashley Jade Stern is her younger sister. Emily was born on May 7, 1983 and has established herself as a successful actress, singer, and writer. Her younger sister was born on January 24, 1993 and is currently 26 years old.

A picture of Deborah Jennifer Stern with her sisters.
Deborah Jennifer Stern with her sisters.

Who Are Her Parents Currently With?

After the split of Deborah Jennifer Stern's parents; both of them moved on and went on to marry other people. Her mother, Berns, married David Scott Simon in the same year of her divorce with her former spouse. Talking about her father, Stern, he married famous actress, model, and author, Beth Ostrosky Stern in 2008. Both of the estranged parents of Deborah have been living a happily married life with their second marriage.

Didn't Have a Luck in Acting

Deborah Jennifer Stern once thought of pursuing acting career at the beginning of her working career. Yes, she first appeared in one episode of 'Parker Lewis Can’t Lose' which was a comedy television series. She also stepped in the big screen and played minor roles in movies such as 'Wide Awake', 'For the Boys', and 'Nudist Colony of the Dead'. However, she didn't gain much success and recognition for her acting like her elder sister so she thought she had nothing to do with acting anymore.

Married to Colin Christy

The second daughter of Howard Stern, Deborah Jennifer Stern is happily married to her longtime boyfriend, Colin Christy. Her husband is the founder of an interior designing company 'Hapa Inaba Designs, Geographical Expeditions'. The two walked down the aisle and said 'I do' on October 6, 2016 after dating for a couple of years. She married her boyfriend after long, long decision because she had already lost hope in marriage following her parents' divorce.

Alma Mater

When it comes to education, Deborah has completed her PhD as an independent education consultant. Not only that, she has also gained degrees in MAT from the University of Chicago and in humanitarian services. But her degrees doesn't stop at that, she also has a degree in writing, reading, and literacy from the University of Pennsylvania. She seems to be a very study enthusiastic person. 

No Social Media Presence

Talking about social media presence, Howard's daughter doesn't have any account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It appears like she prefers not spending her time on the internet and posting pictures and videos. She probably is maintaining a distance with the outside world by not being present on any social platforms.

Parents' Net Worth

Deborah's parents are also very rich as they have had immense success in their professional career. Her father, whose full name is Howard Allan Stern, has amassed a whopping net worth of $650 million from his career as an author, broadcaster and host for radio and television. Furthermore, Alison is also rich person who has accumulated about $50 million from her former career as an actress and split from Howard.

A picture of Deborah's parents: Alison Berns and Howard Stern.
Deborah's parents: Alison Berns and Howard Stern.
Image Source: Pinterest

Parents' Relationship

Howard Stern and Alison Berns were previously married for about 23 years. The two celebrities walked tied the knot back in June 4, 1978 and spent amazing two decades throughout their marriage. They gave birth to three beautiful daughters from their marital relationship. However, they failed to maintain their marriage for ever because of the workaholic ways of Howard. So, they decided to split for good and part their ways which they actually did in 2001. 

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