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Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer - Rapper Doja Cat's Mother

Published Tue Jan 18 2022 By sijal
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer - Rapper Doja Cat's Mother

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a well-known figure as an American-Jewish artist and a sketcher. Besides being a multi-talented lady in her 50's she is the mother of popular rapper and singer Doja Cat.

Deborah was born in 1962 in Los Angeles, California, United States, and has mixed ethnicity. She is a multi-talented woman and has both singing and acting talents.


Mother of the star was always a passionate woman from the beginning. Sawyer was featured in shows as well (Friend's Don't Let Friends,' Martyr's The Chronicles of Blood').

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer holding her children Doja Cat and Older son
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer holding her daughter Doja Cat and older son. source: @Gossip Gist 

Although she is well rich and educated, Deborah has had a career in painting and architecture.

Net worth

As an artist, designer Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, total networth is estimated to be more than $300,000 whereas her popstar daughter earns more than $10 million dollars.

Who was the husband of Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer?

The mother of the singer 'Mooo' was married to an African actor and director Dumisani Dlamini. They first met while Dumisani was working in 'Sarafina' and instantly fell in love with each other, they shortly got married after soon.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer ex-husband Dumisani Dlamini
Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer's ex-husband Dumisani Dlamini and father of Doja Cat. source:

How many siblings Doja Cat have?

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and Dumisani Dlamini have together three children including Doja Cat AKA Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini

Is Deborah a single mother?

Doja Cat's father and mother got divorced after being together for years. The reason behind the divorce was obviously because of communication problems between them.

Sawyer took all responsibility for her children and had given them the best manners. 

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