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Meet Debi Segura - Commentator Lou Dobbs' Wife

Published Fri Jun 18 2021 By Aashika
Meet Debi Segura - Commentator Lou Dobbs' Wife

Debi Segura is an American former Sports CNN anchor in the year 1980s as well as a writer. Besides it, she also appears on the documentary series called "60 Minutes" in 2007, featured on CBS TV. She is widely known as the better half of famous American Political commentator and author Louis Carl Dobbs aka Lou Dobbs.

On 29th September 1953 in Los Angeles County, California, Debi Segura opens her eyes to this world for the first time. She is the daughter of Henry Segura, and her mother's name is hidden.

Let's find some lesser-known facts about her:

Net worth

Debi Segura has an estimated net worth of $1 million from her reporting career. In the 1980s, she began her anchoring career at CNN where she earned an estimated annual salary of $85,757 it.  

Apart from it, her husband Lou Dobbs has an estimated net worth of $16 million. Undoubtedly, she is living high profile luxurious lifestyle with his huge turnover along with   

Married life

Journalist, Debi Segura is the wife of a famous TV personality and radio host, Lou Dobbs. She is the second wife of Dobb's after separation from his first wife Debi came into his life. 

The couple dated for several years before tying a knot in 1982 in a private ceremony. They have 8 years of age difference but look a perfect match to each other. Usually, the couple is attendant the events together hand in hand like a love bird.   

Debi Segura with her husband, Lou Dobbs on the red carpet. 
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Mother of four

Beautiful Debi is the mother of four grown children. She became a mother for the first time with twins baby girl in 1990 their name Hillary Dobbs who is a Grand Prix Riders by profession other daughter's name is Heather A Dobbs who is a Clinical Assistant Professor.

Later, they have welcome more daughters, Buffie Dobbs and Michelle Dobbs. However, their details are hidden away from the media.

Debi Segura with her spouse and her daughter. 
Image Source: Liverampum

Husband's previous marriage

Debi's husband was married to Kathy Wheeler, who was his lover from high school on 11 February 1967. Dobby and Kathy welcomed two sons, Chance Dobbs and Jason Dobbs Wheeler from their marriage. Unfortunately, their marriage couldn't last long, get divorced in 1981.

Lou Dobbs' former wife Kathy Wheeler. 
Image Source: Twitter

Got Arrested

In 2003, Debi Segura was arrested at Newark Airport when a fully loaded and unlicensed, 25- caliber semiautomatic pistol was found in her handbag. Her fingerprints were taken and she was photographed by the Port Authority cops. Later, she was released without bail after being charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Likewise, her husband, Lou Dobbs has given a statement that his wife needed the gun for security at the sprawling horse farm in rural Sussex, New Jersey because the house farm is in a very isolated area that doesn't have a street light.


Like every celebrity, Debi has to face rumors that Debi and Lou have filed for divorce. The reason was said to be Debi's lies about her nationality. Similarly, it turned out to be a rumor.  

Social media

Debi Segura doesn't have a functioning presence on Instagram or Twitter. Although, she is a public figure she likes to keep her personal life away from media. However, her husband Lou is active on social media. Usually, we can see her presence in his husband's account.