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Debbie Higgins - Facts About Dr Phil McGraw’s Ex-Wife With Photos

Published Thu Aug 08 2019 By Akki
Debbie Higgins - Facts About Dr Phil McGraw’s Ex-Wife With Photos

Debbie Higgins McCall was an American editor, who was best known for being a wife of Phil McGraw aka Dr.Phil. She was the first love of the American TV personality Dr.Phil, where they shared the same school. 

The lovebird were known as an inseparable couple on their school. She lived a life out of the spotlight after her divorce until she died in 2018, where her cause of death remains undisclosed as reported by the Height Line

Here are some quick facts about Higgins life:

Net Worth Before Death

Debbie Higgins had a net worth of $3 million dollars before she passed away in 2018. Her fortune includes her house, cars, jewelry, and other expensive accessories. 

Higgins was a prominent editor in the show business and charges a good amount of cash for her work. According to the PayScale, it is reported that an average American editor salary is $50,000 annually, where an editor can earning ratio range from $34k to $87k depending upon project budget and their experience.  

In addition, Higgins ex-husband Dr. Phil is one of the highest-paid celebrity in the world. He earns around $80 million yearly and has a huge fortune of $400 million.

Debbie Higgins taking a picture.
Debbie Higgins poses for a picture.
Image Source: Gossip

Married and Divorce to Dr Phil

Debbie Higgins was previously married to American TV star Dr.Phil McGraw. The ex-lovebird used to date from Higgins high school days and tied the knot at the age of 20, on 27th of November 1970 at Roeland Park in Kansas. 

The former couple marriage didn't last long, where they split-up after two years and got divorced in 1973.  

According to Higgins, Dr.Phil was domineering throughout their marriage life, where she was not even allowed to participate in the family business. She claimed to be controlled by McGraw as a puppet, where she had to do most of the things that she doesn't like including weightlifting to maintain her figure. S

Higgins also found about McGraw was not faithful to her and having an extra-marital affair with Robin Jo Jameson before their divorce. 

Dr.Phil poses for a picture with his wife Robin McGraw.
Dr.Phil and Robin McGraw taking a picture together.
Image Source: Closer Weekly

After separation, Higgins lived a single life until she died in 2018, where McGraw has been married to an author, Robin McGraw. The couple has two handsome sons; Jordan McGraw and Jay McGraw.

Early life and Education

Debbie Higgins was born in the United States and holds American citizenship. She studied at Shawnee Mission High School growing up in Kansas. She was a bright student in her school days, where she was a part of the cheerleader team. 

After her high school graduation, she joined the Massachusetts Institute of Commerce. 


Debbie Higgins worked as an editor in the entertainment industry, where she was widely known for her work in the action-horror movie; Demon Hunters: Fear the Silence (2013) directed by Chris Eilenstine and Debra Higgins.

Debbie had also been featured in the family documentary film; Christy Mathewson Day (2011) starting; Edward G. Boehm and Tony Borgia. Furthermore, she owns a liquor store in Kansas City.

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