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Deanna Brigidi – Josh Stewart’s Wife and Mother of Two Kids

Published Wed Oct 09 2019 By Samana
Deanna Brigidi – Josh Stewart’s Wife and Mother of Two Kids

Deanna Brigidi is a casting director and an ex celebrity wife of the famous actor Josh Stewart. Brigidi was born on 29th December 1997 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Deanna is very successful in her career field and also is equally successful with raising her two kids while also doing her job. 

Here are some facts on the independent mother of two:

What's her Net Worth?

Deanna Brigidi, as a casting director, has the net worth which calculates up to be $500 thousand. The hard working mother has burnt many midnight oils to get where she is today and raise her kids with them living a very comfortable and lavish life.

The beautiful and rich Deanna Brigidi.
The beautiful and rich Deanna Brigidi.
Image Source: Alamy

Brigidi is known for her works in The Fate of the Furious, Power Rangers, A Dog's Purpose, Jumper, Jurassic World, and many more. 

Ex-Husband - Josh Stewart

Now a single mother who is living her fullest with her kids, Deanna Brigidi was once a married woman. She was married to her kids' father, Josh Stewart. The two met around the year 2005 and had their platonic relationship until both of them wanted to be a little more than 'Just Friends'. They started dating on the year 2006 and by 2007, Josh had put a ring on it. 

The engaged soon and tied the knot on the same year and was named each other's husband and wife. They began living their married life and six years and two kids later, the two realized they were not meant to be. Stewart and Brigidi got divorced on 2014 and have not reconciled since then.

Ex Husband's Net Worth

Deanna raises her kids with her hard earned money and the money she gets from her husband for child support. Deanna's ex husband, Josh Stewart, has the net worth of $2 million. The two have not revealed how much money goes into the child support but seeing both Stewart and Brigidi's worth, the kids are very happy.

Deanna Brigidi's rich and famous ex husband Josh Stewart.
Deanna Brigidi's rich and famous ex husband Josh Stewart.
Image Source: Horror Geek Life

Deanna's Two Adorable Kids

Deanna Brigidi is the mother of two kids named River Jacob Stewart and Ryan Justine Stewart. Ryan Justin is the ex couple's first born daughter and she was born on 2008. River Jacob is the youngest son and was born on 2010.

Deanna and Josh keeps both of her children away from the limelight as they want their kids to lead a normal life with not being exposed to the media. The two will hopefully grow up as their parents want them to and if in the future they want to follow their parents' footsteps and want to come onto the movie industry, they will gladly be welcomed. 

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