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David Osmond – Alan Osmond’s Son With His Wife Suzanne Pinegar Osmond

Published Mon Sep 02 2019 By DGM
David Osmond – Alan Osmond’s Son With His Wife Suzanne Pinegar Osmond

David Levi Osmond is an American voice actor and musician and is the most famous child of the Alan Osmond, the music video director and a member of the family singing band 'The Osmonds'.

Osmond was born on the 21st of August, 1979 and is one of the eight children of his parents. Here are some facts about him:

What's His Net Worth?

David Levi Osmond holds an estimated net worth of $500,000 from his successful career as a voice actor and singer. When it comes to earning, he is surely following the path of his dad who is a multi-millionaire.

Son of a Millionaire

Like mentioned earlier, David's legendary father Alan Osmond is worth $3 million which he amassed from his fruitful career as a musician and music video director. It is pretty obvious that he will catch on and may even surpass his dad in terms of wealth.


Just like his dad, David is a multi-talented musician and can play guitar, piano and other instruments along with singing at the same time. He does gigs and different live events where he performs in front of thousands of fans.

A picture of David Osmond performing live.
David Osmond performing live.
Image Source: David Osmond's Instagram

Parents' Relationship

David's father has been together for 45 years and share a lovely bonding. The lovebirds tied the knot back in 16 July, 1974 and have been married for nearly half a decade. 

David Parent's share eight children from their marriage and there haven't any news of any sorts of conflicts and controversies in their relationship. It is because of the true love that they have for each other.

Seven Siblings

David has a total of seven siblings from his parents from which all of them are brothers. They are Michael Alan Osmond, Nathan George Osmond, Douglas Kenneth Osmond, Scott Merrill Osmond, Jonathon Pinegar Osmond, Alexandar Thomas Osmond, and Tyler Thomas Osmond. 

He has a very mutual and friendly bonding with all of his brothers.

A picture of David Osmond with his parents and siblings.
David Osmond with his parents and siblings.
Image Source: Instagram@tylerosmond

Spouse - Valerie McClain

The 40 years old musician has been married to a beautician and make up artist Valerie McClain for 12 years now. They walked down the aisle back in 2007 and share three lovely children; daughters Azalea and Saffron and son Everest from their marriage. 

The couple are deeply in love with each other and often show their love through their Instagram posts. Their relationship is something we all should get inspired from if it comes in having brilliant couple goals.

Three Children

As we mentioned earlier, the handsome musician is a wonderful father of two daughters and a son. His daughters are Azalea Osmond and Saffron Osmond where as son is Everest Osmond.

David very often keeps uploading the pictures of his babies on his Instagram where they are mostly seen having fun time with their parents. The kids are really blessed to have parents like them.

A picture of David Osmond with his wife Valerie and son Everest.
David Osmond with his wife Valerie and son Everest.
Image Source: Instagram@davidosmond

Instagram Account

Virl Osmond's nephew has an Instagram account where he has gained a total of 8,295 followers and has posted 688 posts till date. He keeps posting pictures and videos in a regular interval and keeps his fans and well-wishers updated about his events and happenings in life.

Most of his posts are profession related and some of them are with his children and beautiful wife. If you want to regularly know what the star does, then feel free to follow him on IG.

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