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David Muir's Partner and Relationship

Published Fri Sep 17 2021 By Kri
David Muir's Partner and Relationship

David Muir is an American journalist and anchor. He is popularly known as the journalist of ABC news. He is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and has his own show known as "World News Tonight With David Muir".

As a famous journalist, everybody is curious as to know the partner of David Muir. So as to fill in the details about his partner the following article is issued. Read more to find details about the journalist's partner.

Who Is The Partner Of The Journalist?

Muir's partner as of 2021 remains undisclosed and very private. He has been keeping his personal life out of the sight of media. It is hard to disclose anything about David's current relationship and married life.

Past Partner Dries

However, keeping the private life away from media The ABC's anchor David Muir was caught in the relationship with Kate Dries. How much of it is true or false is still not known to the public. Kate one wrote an article that quoted "Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is A 'Monster'". 

David Muir on the left and Kate Dries, suspected girlfriend of Muir on the right

Kate wrote:

"This is hard for me to write as it is for you to read , but i've just learned- in a public forum, no less- that my boyfriend, ABC news anchor David Muir , is a quote, unquote, monster."

With the article, Kate added that the two of them connected very fast and right from the start. With all the situations and controversy, David has not commented anything on the thing and it seems to appear that the relationship was just a rumor and nothing more.

Rumored To Be Gay And In A Relationship

David was once involved in a rumored relationship with Gio Benitez. The rumor surrounded the web when David was spotted together with his fellow ABC News reporter frequently. 

David Muir with Gio Benitez and Matt, colleagues from ABC News

Gio had already come out of the closet and confessed about him being gay. With this, the news about David also being gay circulated when they were spotted together. They frequently visited gay bars together. 

The rumor was only subsided in rumor when Gio announced his engagement with his partner of a long-time Tommy DiDario in 2015 and eventually got married in 2016. 

Special Relationship With Kelly

David Muir and Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa shares a very special bond and relationship with Kelly Ripa, his colleague at work. They seem to be enjoying the time they spent together. They share their special bond on their social media. Kelly, however, is a married woman with three children for over twenty years.

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