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Facts About David Dickey – Sarah Trigger’s Husband

Published Thu Sep 05 2019 By DGM
Facts About David Dickey – Sarah Trigger’s Husband

David Dickey is an American citizen who is best recognized as the husband of a famous British actress Sarah Trigger who is popular for the movie 'A Gift From Heaven'.

Dickey is the second husband of the British actress after her divorce with her 'Two and a Half Men' star Jon Cryer. Here are 8 facts about him:

Wife - Sarah Trigger

David has been married to his girlfriend Sarah Trigger and they walked down the aisle after dating for some time. The two eventually fell in love shortly after Trigger's divorce with her ex-husband was finalized. 

The couple even parent a son from their marriage of over a decade. They are living a happily married life.

A picture of David Dickey's wife Sarah Trigger.
David Dickey's wife Sarah Trigger.
Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Son - Alex Dickey

As we mentioned earlier, David is a father of a lovely son whom he had with his gorgeous wife. His son's name is Alex Dickey who was born in 2006 and is surely living a lavish life with his eminent parents.

Two Step-Children 

We all know that Dickey's wife was previously married to the famous American actor Jon Cryer. She was married to him for a period of 5 years between 1999 and 2004 meanwhile which she had a son named Charlie Austin Cryer

Charlie was born on the 27th June, 2000 and is the elder son of the actor before his younger daughter Daisy Cryer.

A picture of David Dickey's step-son with his dad Jon.
David Dickey's step-son Charlie Austin Cryer with his dad Jon Cryer.
Picture Credit: Daily Mail

Husband of a Wealthy Actress

David is the husband of a very wealthy actress Sarah who holds an astonishing fortune of $950,000 from her acting career. She even bags a huge amount of $80,000 per month from ex-hubby Jon as child support. 

Though she asked an increment of $8000 in the support money, she didn't get it and she had to satisfy herself with a monthly payment of $80,000 only.

Wife Sarah Tried to Kill Her Ex-Spouse

It was back in the early months of 2010 when news broke out that Sarah hired a hit-man to kill her former spouse Jon Cryer on the set of 'Two and a Half Men'. 

After the attack, the actor doubled and tripled his security while shooting and didn't want to shoot in public much being concerned about his well-being.

A picture of Sarah Trigger with her ex-husband Jon Cryer.
Sarah Trigger with her ex-husband Jon Cryer.

Another big truth revealed during all this that the hit-man who was hired to kill Cryer by Trigger was no other than her ex-boyfriend Eddie Sanchez. When asked to Eddie, he said to the court that she (Sarah) hired him to murder both her ex and current husband.

Rumors of Attempt of Being Killed By Wife

As news were spreading already, rumors also spread Sarah not attempted to kill Jon only, but she also tried to kill David along with Eddie. Though there weren't any news that Dickey was attacked but Sanchez revealed to the court that his ex-girlfriend wanted both her ex husband and current husband dead. 

Hence, David Dicky was also somehow wanted to be killed by her own wife.

Living a Low Key Life

Despite being the husband of such a famous celebrity, Dickey lives a very low key life. There aren't any pictures of him with his wife nor he has any accounts on social sites. He might be probably living a very happy life with his family.

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