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About Dave Navarro - Details on Extraordinary Life of This Guitarist

Published Sat Oct 10 2020 By pratikshya
About Dave Navarro - Details on Extraordinary Life of This Guitarist

David Michael Navarro aka Dave is an American guitarist, actor, and singer. He is worldly known as the founder of the Rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Navarro was born on June 7, 1967, in Santa Monica, California in the United States of America. He is the son of James Raul Navarro and Constance Colleen Hopkins. He has done his graduation from Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, California. 

Let's find out 10 unknown facts of Navarro:

What's His Net Worth? 

Dave Navarro is a guitarist and songwriter, who has accumulated an enormous net worth of $28 million. 

He worked as the lead guitarist in several bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, and Spirits in the Sky. He is also host and one of the judges on 'Ink Master', an American tattoo competition reality show.

Girlfriend: Andrea Tantaros 

'Jane's Addiction' guitarist, Navarro is dating Fox News anchor, Andrea Tantaros. The pairs were introduced by their mutual friend. After meeting for a few times they started dating in April 2015. The couple were seen smooching around New York City. 

Dave Navarro with his girlfriend  Andrea Tantaros. 
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First Wife: Tania Goddard 

Navarro and makeup artist Tania Goddard were married once. The ex-couple exchange the vows in June 1990 at "The Alexandria Ballrooms" venue in Los Angeles, California. However, their marriage didn't long last for more than 2 years, and get separated from divorce in 1993. 

First wife Tania Goddard
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Second Wife: Rhian Gittins

'Camp Freddy' guitarist tied the knot with his second wife Rhian Gittins on 15th October 1994. The marriage sustained for only five days where they decided to declare that they were never married and separated on 20 October 1994.

Second wife Rhian Gittins. 
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Third Wife: Carmen Electra

The rockstar, Navarro was married for the third time with an actress Carmen Electra. The pair were captured kissing and pronounced as soul mates on 22nd November 2003 by the MTV reality TV show, 'Till Death Do Us Part'. 

Unfortunately, both ended up their marital relationship on 10th August 2006. The pair apart from their ways in mutual understanding. 

Third wife Carmen Electra. 
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Many Girlfriends

As we know that musician Dave is a romantic person. Before dating Tantaros, he was in many love affairs with beautiful celebrities such as Amie Nicole, Janna Presley, Jasmine Lennard, Monet Mazur, and Sherrie Rose, and many more. Although, he has not taken his relationship to next level any of them. 

Murder of Mother (Constance Colleen Hopkins)

All the person has some dark moment in their life, so do Navarro has in his life. He has to suffer from brutal pain at the very young age of 16, his mother was murder by her ex-boyfriend John Riccardi, in March 1983. Riccardi was arrested in 1991 was featured on the television series "America's Most Wanted". 

Dave Navarro with his mother Constance Colleen Hopkins.
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A musician went into depression after his mother died. He was much closed to his mother to overcome from it, followed his passion for music and guitar. In 2015, he released the documentary named 'Mourning Son' in remembrance of her. 

Drug Addiction 

After his mother left the world, Dave Navarro was into drug consumption as a means of escape from the trauma. His entire life has been one challenge after the next dealing with it. He uses cocaine and heroin but somehow he has managed to come over it. Currently, he is a drug-free and focusing on his career and fitness Revolution. 

Multiple Tattoos 

Navarro is fond of tattoos, he has done numbers of tattoos over his body with a specific reason and meaning. He has a beautiful written "Constance" on his lower back which is showing love and in memory of his mother. 

He also has inked "CE "on his sternum for his ex-wife Electra and picture of bats on his both shoulder, I to X numbers in Roman all fingers, skulls, and many more.

Dave Navarro's tattoos on the body. 
Image Source: Inked Mag

Social Media

Dave Navarro is highly active on his social media. He has over 567k followers on Instagram and 501k followers on twitter. He has around 577K followers on Facebook.

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