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Get to Know Dashiell Cooper – Rock Star Alice Cooper & Dancer Sheryl Goddard's Musician Son

Published Fri Mar 06 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Dashiell Cooper – Rock Star Alice Cooper & Dancer Sheryl Goddard's Musician Son

The American rockstar, Dashiell Cooper is the front-man of a rock band CO-OP. He is equally famous as son of the legendary singer-songwriter, Alice Cooper and his better half Sheryl Goddard, who is a professional dancer. He was born on June 3, 1985, in Phoenix, Arizona.

His first name 'Dashiell' is a Scottish masculine name and also connected to the French surname De Chiel. The name is rarely found among American kids and consider unique. The name is pronounced as DASH-el.

Parents Net worth

Dash is the only son and heir of Vincent Damon Furnier's fortune. His father is a pioneer of the heavy metal music and former member of the 'Alice Cooper' rock band. 

He has a massive net worth of $40 million as a result of his successful career. Moreover, his side gig as a restaurateur and actor also contribute sum good money to his wealth.

Alice and his son posing for a photo.
A rare photo of Alice and Dash Cooper.
Image Source: [email protected] Cooper

In the same way, Dash's mother Sheryl Copper has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She is a hoofer, who has set the stage on the fire as a background dancer in the concerts and tours of Alice Copper band. 

Further, her expensive jewelry and accessorizes value have been included to her fortune.

Parents Relationship

Dash's father Vincent Damon is a one woman man and has maintained a healthy relationship with his sweetheart Sheryl Goddard. 

The power couple is often taken as an example of an ideal couple. There hasn't been controversy and questions in their marriage life yet.

The lovers have been together over four decades and are passionate about one another. The duo met in earlier '70s when Sheryl had a chance to share the stage as a background dancer for Alice Cooper band event. The couple instantly caught up with one another and started to date. 

A rare photo of Alice and Sheryl.
Alice and Sheryl caught together on a frame.
Image Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

The pair tied the knot on March 20, 1976. Thereafter, they have given birth to three children and living a happy life.


Dash Cooper is the mid-child of his parents and has elder sister Calico Cooper and younger sister Sonora Cooper. Calico was born on May 19, 1981, in Beverly Hills, California, to Alice and Sheryl Cooper. 

She has established herself as an actress, musician, and producer and inherits such talent from her rock legend father.

Sonora is the youngest child of Alice and Sheryl, born in 1992 in the USA. She is a freelance makeup artist married to an audio engineer and music producer Diego Diaz. The couple reside in Los Angeles, California.

Wife and Children

The American musician, Dash is a family man and has three beautiful children with his loving wife Morgan Cooper. Riot Cooper and Falcon Cooper are the twin boys, born in November 2014. 

Likewise, Rexington “Rex” King Cooper is the youngest child of Dash and Morgan, born on July 21, 2018.

A photo of Dash family.
Dash and Morgan with their twin.
Image Source: Morgan Cooper Facebook

Following Father's Footstep and CO-OP band

The heavy metal band singer, Alice's son Dash Cooper is an established music artist. He is the founder and lead singer of the hard rock band CO-OP based in Phoenix, Arizona.

The band was formed in 2014 and consist of Guitarist Jeremy Tabor, Bassist Justin Swartzentruber, and Drummer Cory Michalski.

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