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Darrell Sheets - Intense Love Story and Dramatic Weight Loss

Published Wed Sep 01 2021 By praju
Darrell Sheets - Intense Love Story and Dramatic Weight Loss

Darrell Sheets is a television personality who has been working since 2010. He is known for appearing in the television show "Storage Wars" as "The Gambler". 

On 13th May 1958, he was born in California, in the United States. Sheets grew up in Covina, a city in Los Angeles Country. He got immense fame as a businessman for storage units. 

Let's know more information about him. 

How Much Does Sheets Have Net Worth?

Darell Sheets has an estimated net worth of $2 million which he accumulated through his career as a businessman and television star. He began his career in Storage Hunting in the 1990s which has been more than three decades. 

Sheets has founded valuable things like four paintings painted by Pablo Picasso, a letter written by Abraham Lincoln, and so on. 

Moreover, he came into the limelight after appearing in the series, "Storage War" in 2010. The show has more than 100 episodes where he is the main role. Like him, there are many stars like Dave Hester, Brandon Sheets, Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante, and many more. 

Current Relationship

The television star Darell Sheets is currently engaged with his long-term girlfriend, Kimber Wuerfel. She is a real estate business owner, "Kimber Wuerfel Real Estate Team". 

In 2011, they met for the first time in California while driving into two different lanes when they both had eye contact. They got attraction, then Mr. Sheets wrote his number on a piece of paper and stuck it in her car's window. It was so filmy and dramatic.

 Within a year, the pair got engaged in 2012. They had an on and relationship but are now living a happy life together. 

A picture of Darrell Sheets with his fiance, Kimber Wuerfel.
Image Source: Instagram

Four Children 

Sheets is the father of two children, Brandon Sheets, but his other son's name is not revealed. His elder son has followed in his father's footsteps and is making a career in the same field.

He has appeared in the show "Storage Wars" which helped him to gain immense fame. Brandon has often been seen supporting his father and learning the work. The father-son duo is often spotted together on events and social media. 

Mr. Sheets has two stepchildren who are from Kimber Wuerfel's previous relationship. They are also living as a happy family with their stepfather. The family of six are enjoying joyful life and taking their shows to the next level. 

Darrell Sheets with his son Brandon Sheets.
Image Source: Work + Money 

Multiple Relationships 

As we know that, Darelle Sheets is attracted to women. He has dated many ladies in his love history. But there is some info with whom he has a romantic relationship. 

He hooked up with a woman whose identity is under the curtain. They welcomed two children among whom Brendon Sheets is one. But their relationship didn't work out and got broke up. 

He was once engaged with Romey Snyder for a short period. It was shocking news to Darell's fans. Later, they couldn't take it long and decided to separate. 

Weight Loss

Looking at previous and present pictures of Sheets, we find differences in his body. He loses his weight by maintaining his diet and following the instruction of nutrition. The television star has dropped his weight from 315 Ibs to 197 Ibs and thanks to his trainer for achievement. 

Darrell Sheets took a minor picture of the difference in his weight.
Image Source: Instagram  

Health Issue

After he loses weight, he got ill and totally take bed rest for three months. Then got suffered from a heart attack. He has to be hospitalized after a heart attack which he announced on his Instagram account. 

Through social pages, Darell conveyed his message to his fans. Later, became healthy, but again had an issue with his lung. 


A picture of Darrell Sheets' where we can see tattoos on his arms. 
Image Source: Amercian Profile

Darrell Sheets has done multiple tattoos on his body which we can see on the shows. His arms tattoos began in the form of a jester with additional artwork inspired by H.R. Giger. On the other side of his arm, there is a girl.  

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