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Get to Know Darlene Mowry - Mother of Tia, Tajh and Tavior Mowry

Published Fri Jun 26 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Darlene Mowry - Mother of Tia, Tajh and Tavior Mowry

People know Darlene Mowry as the proud mother of twin daughters Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry who are actress, actor Tahj Mowry, and musician Tavior Mowry. 

However, she has done work in the industry as a producer of the films such as "Seventeen Again" and "Double Wedding". Mowry is also a movie director.

Take a look at some information about Mowry.

Net Worth - $1 million

Mowry has an estimated net worth of 41 million which she earned through producing films. She has also added some amount to her directing career. In her past, she served as the U.S. military sergeant.

Ex-Husband: Tim Mowry

Darlene met her former husband Timothy Mowry, a retired & parole officer, at her high school in Miami, Florida. They fell in love in high school. After completing high school, both joined the United States military force. The couple rank Sergeant together. The two retired after a couple of years of service. 

Later, the love partner got married in 1975 and had four children. Sadly, after living for 40 years of married life, they filed a divorce and got official dissolution in 2015.

Darlene Mowry with her ex-husband Timothy Mowry and her twin baby.
Image Source: Pinterest


Has Four Children

A producer of 'Seventeen Again' is blessed with four children; two daughters and two sons. First, she gave birth to a twin daughter named Tia and Tamera, on July 6, 1978. Mowry welcomed her sons Tahj and Tavior on May 17, 1986, and on July 5, 1993, respectively. Her four children are successful in the entertainment industry.

A picture of Darlene Mowry with her ex-husband and four children.
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Grandmother of four grandchildren

Being the mother of talented daughters, she became a grandmother of four children. Her grandchildren's name is Cairo Tiahna Hardrict and Cree Hardrict Ariah (Via Tia Mowry), and Hardrict Ariah Talea Housley and Aden John Tanner Housley (Via Tamera Mowry).

Grandchildren of Mowry.
image Source: BCK Oline

Early Life 

Darlene Mowry was born as Darlene Ranee Flowers on 25th October 1956. Her home town in Miami, Florida. She is a national Bahamian American and mixed ethnicity. Her parent's information is disclosed.

Her career from military officer to a creative producer

Tia and Tamera's mother began her career as U.S.A army in the late 1960s and 1970s. She was in the post of Sergeant and got retired to look after her children. Then she worked as a security guard. When her two daughters became a successful personality, she works as a manager for Tia and Tamera. 

Later, in 2000, she makes her known identity as being a producer of the film, 'Seventeen Again'. After that, she became the co-producer in the feature comedy sci-fi film names 'The Proof Point". Moreover, she served as the executive producer of the comedy romance drama 'Double Wedding' in 2010 which was his last work. 

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