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Meet Darko Peric - Serbian Actor aka "Helsinki" From Money Heist

Published Tue Dec 24 2019 By DGM
Meet Darko Peric - Serbian Actor aka "Helsinki" From Money Heist

Darko Peric is a famous Serbian actor who rose to fame for portraying the character of 'Helsinki' in the hit Spanish television series 'Money Heist' which is originally known as 'La Casa de Papel'.

Peric was born on the 25th of March, 1977, in Kladovo of Serbia. Here are some facts about him:

What's his Net Worth?

Darko Peric hols an estimated net worth of $100,000 which he accumulated from successful career as a television actor. His fortune rose by a huge margin after his work in 'Money Heist' made the series a huge success.

A picture of Darko Peric in the series Money Heist.
Darko Peric in the series 'Money Heist'.
Image Source: Balkan Rock

Married to Non-Celebrity

Peric, 42, is married to his longtime girlfriend for some years now. He considers not to bring his wife into glare of his fame and therefore has been very secretive about her. He hasn't even revealed her name nor is she spotted in public with her husband that much. We totally respect the privacy concern of the actor's wife but would surely want to have a glimpse of her if possible.

Has a Son 

The 'Under the Same Roof' star also has a son with his wife. Like his wife, very few is known about his child too other than the fact that he was born in 2016. He has been keeping his son away from the reach of media and also he never uploads any picture of his young one's.

Had to Leave Dream of Animation

When Darko was just 14 years old, he wanted to and was ready to enter the best animation school in his country because of his artistic aspirations. He was accepted by the school and was just ready to begin his days in the school when suddenly war broke out. The devastating event not only shattered the whole country but also broke his dreams of learning animations. 

Teaches Qigong

Besides being a sensational actor, Darko is also a Qigong expert. For those who don't know what the term 'Qigong' is, it is a kind of martial art developed through Buddhist religion from China. Not only the actor knows the skill of the martial arts, but he also teaches people across the globe by giving masterclasses named 'Qigong, physical and mental preparation for actors'. He believes in sharing knowledge to other people helps to master you in that.

Tattoo Lover

If you are a die-hard fan of 'Money Heist', you surely would have noticed that he is a tattoo freak. Darko Peric has inked many parts of his body with different meaningful tattoos. 

The one tattoo which we couldn't miss is the massive polar bear ink on his fat tummy. Likewise, he has several other tattoos inked on his arms, shoulders and biceps. He even took it to his Instagram account when he had his left arm inked in New Year 2017.

A picture of Darko Peric has a lot of tattoos.
Darko Peric has a lot of tattoos.
Image Source: herederosdelafuerza

Used to Work in Theater

Before Peric got into the TV series profession, he struggled a long way to get there. After his dreams of becoming a professional animation artist got destroyed, he diverted his mind into theater and films. He worked in an underground theater of Berlin for several years where he learned and developed his acting skills. This eventually helped him a lot in pursuing a career in television show business. 

Passionate for Basketball

It is quite shocking to know that Darko is a very passionate basketball player. No one could have thought that he would indeed such a great love for the game of hooping and dunking because he has such a fat body. He has truly defied the mentality of people that fat people couldn't hoop. He regularly uploads pictures and videos of him playing basketball on his social sites.

A picture of Darko Peric playing basketball.
Darko Peric playing basketball.
Image Source: Instagram@darkoperic

Physical Specifications

Talking about the physical specifications, the 'FĂ©nix Film Award for Best Acting Ensemble in Series' nominee stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m) and weighs about 75 kg (165 pounds). He has brown pair of eyes, bald head, and half gray bread.

Social Media Presence

Darko Peric is present on social sites and has account on Instagram and Twitter. His Twitter account goes by the name @DarkoPericActor and has 54.5k followers whereas he has about 1.9 million followers on his Instagram account which goes by the name @darkoperich. Most of the posts on his account are with his co-stars from 'La Casa de Papel' like Alba Flores and Ursula Corbero.

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