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Danny Duncan's $4.5 Million Net Worth - All His Properties, Cars and Expensive Lifestyle

Published Sat Aug 01 2020 By Aashika
Danny Duncan's $4.5 Million Net Worth - All His Properties, Cars and Expensive Lifestyle

Danny Duncan is an internet personality and a genius Youtuber. He has an enormous amount of net worth $4.5 million. His YouTube Channel is Danny Daucan with 4.52M subscribers. 

He earned his wealth through his career in social media platform i.e. YouTube. In his channel, he often involves his mother on his YouTube videos. He also uploads the video of skateboarding.

Here is some information about his lifestyle and income source.

Lavish House in Los Angeles

Danny Duncan bought his dream house in Los Angeles for $3.57 million in November 2019. 

The house covered 4,302 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, along with a grand master suite, chef kitchen with professional appliances, floor to ceiling windows, and a modern pool.

Duncan dream house in Los Angeles.
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Expensive Car Collections

Fellow YouTuber have numbers of cars. He has collections of luxurious cars such as BMW, Tesla, Acura, Alfa Romeo, and many more. His dream cars are Tesla which cost range is $35,000 to $124,000 before tax incentives for electric cars and BMW i8 worth $149,900. 

He made his Tesla car more attractive to people’s eyes when he kept horns on the car front. 

His luxurious car Tesla with Horns.
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Income from YouTube Channel

On his channel he has 4.52 million subscribers, his video count is 336. He began came into YouTube since 2014. During 6 years, he has earned a hefty amount from it. His video category belongs to comedy, whereas his highest views number is 12 million on ‘Surprising My Sister with A New Car’. 

With millions of subscribers, Duncan has made an impressive sum of money. His income from 2016-2020 in totals is $742.04 thousand. His video contents are pranking, regular vlogs, surprise videos, and skateboarding. 

His highest viewer video 'Surprising My Sister with A New Car'
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Earning  From Merchandise

He makes $1 million from merchandising company which sells T-shirts, hoodies, and iPhone cases. He sells merchandise to his fans, which earns him a significant amount of cash. 

Drummer of Band

Apart from being a successful social influencer, Ducan is also a professional drummer of the local band called ‘We The King’. With his band, they have received the title of the Best Pop-Punk Band. The band was formed in 2005 along with member Travis Clark (Guitarist), Hunter Thomsen (Lead Guitarist), Coley O’Toole (Piano). Later, the group joined Charles Trippy as Bassist. 

They have released albums such as “Check Yes Juliet”, “Smile Kid”, “Sunshine State of Mind”, ”Somewhere Somehow”, and “Strange Love” with more than 50 singles songs and sells a thousand copies. With the band, he has also collected a massive amount.

Live Performance with the band 'We The King'.
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Gifted Luxurious Car to Close Ones

He has gifted cars to his sister, manager, and his best friend. He bought Toyota Avalon ($35,875 – $43,300) to his sister, Tesla ($35,000 - $124,000) to his best friend, and Audi ($37,400) to his manager.

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