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Dannie Riel

Published Mon Jul 04 2022 By pragyik
Dannie Riel

Dannie Riel is a Canadian fashion icon and model who has become a YouTube star. This Canadian model, who is of French-Chinese descent, enchants viewers from all over the world with her mesmerizing good looks and bubbly, kind personality. She has put a lot of effort into making her career, and her fans define her as a model who is a talented individual. Her teenage fanbase describes her as an upbeat and carefree model.

Today, her hard work and dedication have shown great outcomes as her career flourished. In addition to having an eye-catching sex appeal, she also has a good idea, knowledge and sense of style and keeps up with the current fashions, which keeps her fans active on her channel.

Early Life Of Riel:

Riel was born on June 16, 1988,  in Manitoba, Canada. She is an actress, model, and YouTube personality best known for gaining success on many media platforms. She has been engaging in different advertisement and commercial pursuits, which helped her gain sizable YouTube viewership. They identify her as French Chinese and claim to be of Chinese and French ancestry. They were raised in Manitoba. Her upbringing, family, and education are subject to very little information. 

Picture of Dannie Riel posing for a photo in her house with fancy white dress and smiling for a photo
Photo Of Dannie Riel in fancy dress. (Photo Source: @instagram dannieriel)

She is believed to have had early aspirations of stardom and a modeling career and rose as one of the first few models to gain a job in the industry after becoming well-known on social media. She became famous on Instagram when people began to take note of her attractive features, which resulted in a sharp rise in followers. She later introduced her own YouTube channel, "therielworld," Dannie began a career in social media. Her initial video quickly became viral since it showed her receiving lip piercings.

Career Of Instagram Star Riel:

Dannie began a career in social media by introducing her YouTube channel in 2008, "therielworld," Her first video, which showed her having lip piercings, quickly became viral. Her fanbase follows her as she walks down the path of her childhood ambition of becoming a model through her social media posts. With her great proportions, beauty, and charisma, a Canadian with raven hair has captured the attention of social media users. She uploads movies to her YouTube account that show off her travels, sneaks peeks at her picture sessions, and culinary experiences trying out new foods.

When the SCD Team at Sports Compact Nights noticed her, her modeling dreams came true. Her p, and after receiving some professional life, reached its peak after being acknowledged by SCD, she signed on to model with different agencies and companies renowned worldwide. Currently, she is engaged and busy doing her work as a model and advertising actor for several agencies worldwide and has risen to fame. She has started her acting career, and as of now, she is working on several TV series and films. She was also named the sexiest Asian girl on the planet. She has launched her line of goods and manages a website called Riel Brand Store.

How Did Riel Get Popular?

Dannie has had several modeling possibilities due to her increasing internet visibility, starting in Canada. After completing her first task, she was asked to go to other parts of the world to work as a model. SCD was among the first businesses to notice her, followed by more reputable magazines and media outlets. She collaborated with Vossen, VPR Magazine, and BTS on undies photo shoots. She doesn't put out fake stuff as most online stars do, which is one of the reasons she has a large following and fans.

Picture of Dannie Riel posing for a photo smiling
Photo Of Dannie Riel. (Photo Source: @instagram dannieriel)

She decided to try her hand at designing and producing her clothing line, called Riel Brand Clothing, and opened her online clothing store to go along with it because she had a lot of changes coming her way. In one of her videos, she stated that seeing other people love her creations makes her happy. She also claims to enjoy adventure and, given a choice between several alternatives, likes to do them all. For instance, when asked if she would rather stay at a beach or jump, she said she wanted to do both.

Net Worth Of Riel:

Dannie Riel's total money and assets own an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2022. Her sources of income are modeling, YouTube content creation, and the Riel clothing brand. The model makes additional money by organizing parties all across the world. Additionally, Dannie has worked with well-known YouTubers and musicians, including Jason Chen, Swoozie, and AJ Raphael. Her dreams of becoming a model came true when the SCD Team noticed her at "Sports Compact Nights." 

This was the highest peak of her career, and she became well-known; she started to work with some renowned companies. She has gained global fame and is performing great photoshoot sessions for agencies that are renowned worldwide. She is now pursuing an acting career and contributing to several TV and film projects. Dannie recently won the title of "Sexiest Asian Girl on Planet." Additionally, Dannie has launched her line of goods and manages the "Riel Brand Store" online shop.

Relationship Of Sexiest Asian Girl On Planet Dannie:

Regarding Dannie's private life, it is known that she had a long-term relationship with her financial adviser, Ken Nguyen, and there were rumors they were engaged. However, their relationship ended; they haven't publicly discussed the reason why, but information on the net says that it was mutual. Since then, she has been listed as a woman, not in a relationship but has appeared in her videos with several male models who are colleagues, albeit not romantically involved. 

She states that she has social media account on all the major social media websites and a strong interest in surfing and messaging. The 34-year-old Canadian YouTuber is currently not dating anyone. Dannie makes it a point to avoid the spotlight and keeps a low profile when asked about her personal and private life. She might not be openly seeing anybody, but there is a chance that she is seeing someone in private. So it's risky to conclude too quickly.

Social Media Of Riel:

Riel is a Canadian social media influencer, model, YouTuber and fashion icon born in Manitoba, Canada. She is famous for her beautiful look and perfect body shape and size. She was also named "Sexiest Asian Girl On Planet." As a social media influencer, model and fashion icon, she has set up social media accounts on numerous platforms.

She has an Instagram account under the name of @dannieriel, where she has more than 1 million followers and posts her photo and videos. She also has a Twitter account under @dannieriel, with more than 78K followers. She also has a Facebook account under @Dannie Riel, with more than 1.45 million followers. And lastly, she has a YouTube channel named @Daniel Riel with more than 255K subscribers.

Body Measurement And Height/Weight:

Dannie named the "Sexiest Asian Girl on Planet" has made a name for herself on social media and modeling platforms. She has been engaging in lots of photoshoots with many agencies which are renowned worldwide. Her career reached its peak when SCD recognized the model. She has maintained her body shape and size along with her beautiful look.

Picture of Dannie Riel posing for a photo in stairs.
Photo Dannie Riel.(Photo Source: @instagram dannieriel)

She maintains her body shape and size by doing workouts and maintaining her diet. She has a hot body figure with a measurement of 34-24-33 inches; chest size 34 inches, waist size 24 inches and hip size 33 inches. The model has a beautiful well-maintained body with long legs, a flat belly and a slim body type. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall with a weight of 47 kilograms. Her body type and beauty are the key factors behind her popularity.

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